New Feature: Email Preview Text With Preheaders

New Feature: Email Preview Text With Preheaders

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now supports Email Preview Text with Preheaders!


An email preview text is a short summary text which follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox.

If you do not add a preview text to your email, then the recipient’s mailbox will show the first line of your email as the preview.


By including a preview text in your emails you can control what your leads see and increase the chances of the email being opened!

Using the preview text in your emails becomes even more important knowing that more than 50% of people read their email on a mobile device, where space is limited and every character counts.


IRIS CRM now makes it easy to incorporate the email preview text in your templates. After your template is set up and you create a new quick email, the preview text field will be automatically filled in using the text from your template.

If the template’s preview text doesn’t match the tone of the email you wish to send out – no problem! Simply replace the preview text with a new one right in the email and send it!


Adding a Preview Text To Your Email Template


When you’re editing an email template in IRIS CRM you will now find a new field called Preview Text where you can enter your preview text:



As you’re entering your preview text, the preview widget just below the Preview Text field will automatically show what your text will look like in the recipient’s inbox:



Here is another look at how your email will appear when received in Gmail:



Note that the preview text is limited to a maximum of 150 characters.

While you may freely use up all of the available characters for your preview text, you should also bear in mind that different email clients and mobile devices have different character limits, as well as different ways of displaying the subject line and the preview text.

Here is a post by Campaign Monitor which can point you in the right direction when deciding how to make the best use of your email preview text.


For further information on managing your email templates in IRIS CRM please see our knowledge base article on Email Templates.


Come back soon for more exciting news and updates — things are never quiet at IRIS CRM!


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