New Feature: CRM Email Scheduling

New Feature: CRM Email Scheduling

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now supports Email Scheduling!  Write your emails when it’s the most convenient and have IRIS CRM send them out at a later time automatically.

Have the perfect follow up but do not want to send it just yet?  By scheduling an email to be sent out at the perfect time, you are increasing the chances of the email being opened and replied to by your recipient.

For example, you may want to schedule your important emails to be sent out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because according to our research these are the best days for increasing the chances of your email being spotted and opened (among tons of other mail).

The time of day also plays an important role.  For example, an email sent at 6:00 am is three times more likely to see a link clicked than an email sent at 4:00 pm in certain industries.  Timing your emails right is even more important if your recipients are located in different time zones.

Let’s take a closer look at the new scheduling capability within IRIS CRM and how you can begin using it.


Scheduling Your Email


To schedule a new email from the lead form, click on the quick email button next to the person’s email that you are sending the email to:



The Quick Email window will appear and this is where you will write your message.  When you are finished customizing the email with HTML, Text or Attachments, click on the new “Schedule Email” button shown in the below image:



A pop-up window will appear where you can select the date and time to send your email. When finished, click the “Schedule” button:



Another pop-up window will now appear confirming your email was scheduled successfully. Click “Close” to exit.



Information about the email you just scheduled will now appear as a new note on your lead page:



Once the email gets sent, another note will be created on the lead page with the pertinent information:



To view the sent email, click on the green envelope icon just above the send confirmation note, as shown in the above image.


Preview or Edit a Scheduled Email


Changed your mind about sending your note?  Want to give the content another look before that important email goes out to a large potential client?  Then you will need to know how to preview your scheduled email and make tweaks on the spot.


As long as your email has not been sent yet, to preview or edit your scheduled email, click on the “Edit” icon on the scheduled email’s note:



Your email will now open up in a pop-up edit window where you can make changes to the email’s content or attachments:



Rescheduling an Email


To reschedule an email, click on the “Reschedule” icon on the scheduled email’s note:



Using the pop-up window that appears, enter the new time that you would prefer and press the “Reschedule” button:



A pop-up window will appear confirming that your email was rescheduled successfully:



Finally, a System Note  will be added automatically to the lead showing the email’s schedule for everyone assigned to the lead to see:



Note that the original schedule note will also still be shown on the lead page, but it will be inactive (it will not show the green icons used for previewing or rescheduling):


Canceling a Scheduled Email


To cancel a scheduled email, click on the “Reschedule” icon in the scheduled email’s note and in the pop-up which appears, click on the “Cancel Email” button:



You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation, and after you do, the scheduled email will be canceled.  A new System Note will be added automatically to the lead to indicate the change that you made:



If you are a manager with a permission to delete notes, another way to cancel a scheduled email is to simply delete the email’s note from the lead page by pressing the red icon.  Deleting the note will automatically delete the scheduled email as well.


And that’s about it so please tell your friends about this powerful feature!


We hope that the new email scheduling feature will lead your sales department to more profitable clients by sending the perfect email at the perfect time.


More updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!



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