New Feature: First Data North Boarding Integration!

New Feature: First Data North Boarding Integration!

We are proud to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now supports the First Data North processing platform for merchant boarding!!


FD North ISOs can now submit a merchant from their CRM site without having to log into the different processor tools and re-keying the data that already collected.  CRM-direct onboarding will save you time, money and lead to more approvals!


First Data North is a very feature-rich platform and many enhancements are expected to come.  FD North will soon have a much later cut-off time than the First Data Omaha platform giving you more reasons to begin boarding more accounts to First Data North.

IRIS CRM enables automatic boarding of merchants through our TurboApp boarding module, as well as the ability to view residuals, batches, deposits, transactions, statements, disputes and other account information for merchants placed with First Data North and other IRIS-compatible processing networks.


Boarding Merchants


Here is a quick guide on merchant boarding with TurboApp.


After a new merchant fills in the eSignature application, the merchant’s information is automatically imported to the lead, resulting in a complete and accurate record.


The boarding team can now simply click “Board Merchant” on the lead record.

At that point, all the merchant information transfers to TurboApp where the ISO can easily review and submit the merchant for underwriting to the appropriate processor.




After the merchant gets approved the ISO is notified about underwriting status, and the correct sales reps are automatically linked to the merchant for residual income calculation.


ISOs using TurboApp can expect:

  • More approvals every month
  • A complete elimination of boarding errors
  • A happier operations team that can be trained more easily


The IRIS CRM site is designed so a merchant can move seamlessly through sales, boarding, support, and residual income calculation, resulting in extremely satisfied merchants and employees.


IRIS integrations provide additional value for our client base, with the ultimate goal of driving exciting new solutions, allowing clients to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer.


For more information on the new First Data North Integration please see our First Data North Boarding Guide.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!!

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