New Feature: Fundomate Merchant Funding Integration!

New Feature: Fundomate Merchant Funding Integration!


Get ready to earn thousands in monthly commissions from our new funding integration with Fundomate!!!


We are super excited to bring you our latest offering — Fundomate Merchant Funding Integration! 🙂

Help your merchants grow their business by enabling them to access up to $500K in funding from Fundomate without leaving your CRM portal!

Our Fundomate integration allows your business to increase profit by offering a new product to your merchants within your CRM portal.  Every step from submission to funding is tracked and reported on within IRIS CRM.

We did our due diligence, launched a successful beta and selected Fundomate as the independent provider for merchant funding based on our positive results.


To begin using the Fundomate integration, you have to be a client of Fundomate first.  Signing up is easy and done directly through IRIS CRM by going to Manage -> Administration -> Fundomate.

Once Fundomate is enabled on your site, merchants will receive access to the feature and will be able to apply for funding on their own, or your agents can apply on their behalf.

A complete step-by-step guide for enabling and configuring Fundomate on your site is available in our Fundomate Integration knowledge base article.


Approved merchants will receive funding in as little as 24 hours and can use the funding to expand their operations or cover business expenses.


Fundomate does not require you to move your merchants away from your processor or set up split funding!  Fundomate does not provide merchant services directly and is strictly a funding company.  Funding is collected through ACH through a flexible weekly and daily payback schedule that your merchants choose.


Not familiar with the funding business? You can even submit your leads to Fundomate and their trained staff will do the selling and follow up.

With the Fundomate integration, you now have the ability to capitalize on leads that would have otherwise been considered as lost.


To piece it all together, your business will be able to manage the funding process right inside your favorite Merchant Services CRM!

All the functions needed to launch an application, track the application’s progress, and view the Fundomate deal reports are built seamlessly right into the IRIS CRM system.



The Fundomate setup process too takes only a few minutes, enabling you to get into the funding game right away!


Let’s jump in and see how easy it is to get started.



Enabling Fundomate

Your administrator can enable the Fundomate integration from the Fundomate option on the Administration page (Manage > Administration > Integrations > Fundomate).

When the option is used for the first time, a registration form will be shown as seen in this image:



To complete your registration fill in the required information, review and accept the IRIS CRM and Fundomate terms and conditions, and click the Submit Fundomate Registration button.


After that, your Fundomate integration will be enabled and you will need to perform a few more steps to complete your Fundomate configuration.

These include setting up your Fundomate Permissions, setting up the Field Mapping (in order to automatically populate applications with lead data), and configuring your Fundomate Notifications.


A complete step-by-step guide for enabling and configuring Fundomate on your site is available in our Fundomate Integration knowledge base article.


Applying For Fundomate Funding

After you’ve enabled Fundomate on your site, there are three ways in which users can apply for funding from within IRIS CRM:


  1. A merchant may submit an application on their own
  2. An agent may submit an application on merchant’s behalf (from the Funding tab on the Merchant Details page)
  3. An agent may submit an application on behalf of a lead (from the Funding tab on the lead page)


The application procedure consists of three steps.

First, the user fills in the required information on the applicant and uploads any supporting documentation.

Next, if the application is accepted, the applicant will begin to receive offers from Fundomate funders.

Finally, the applicant chooses the best offer and finalizes the deal. The funds are then wired to the applicant in under 24 hours.





If a merchant launches a Fundomate application on their own, then the ISO will be automatically notified by email along with the people linked to that particular record.


For more information on how to board Merchants to Fundomate check out our article on Submitting Merchants for Fundomate Funding.

The procedure for boarding leads to Fundomate differs from the one used to board merchants in a few small details. For more info please see our article on Submitting Leads for Fundomate Funding.


Fundomate Deals Reporting

Once your merchants start sending funding applications you’ll need a good way to keep tabs on the applications, and IRIS CRM provides you with just that!

Open the Fundomate Deals page from the Tools menu and check out the various deals pending in one of four status states, as seen in this image:



To view more detail on a deal, simply click on it and the Deal Information report will be displayed right below the main report:



To view the offer details you can expand the offer’s accordion.

If needed, you may also upload additional supporting documentation and post messages to Fundomate in the Messages section.


To view the merchants who have expressed an interest in Fundomate (by clicking on the Apply For Funding button but without completing the first step of the application) open the Interested Merchants tab:



You can then follow up with those merchants and provide any assistance needed in order to move them forward in the application process.


A complete guide on Fundomate reporting is available in our knowledge base article on Fundomate Deals Reporting.



Put Your Business And That of Your Merchants Into Overdrive Today!


No matter how you look at it, the new Fundomate Integration feature is a great asset for businesses to offer to their portfolios!

We hope the new feature helps your business reach its fullest potential, while we continue finding more new and exciting ways to help you grow your business.


Stay tuned for more cool updates coming real soon!


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