New Feature: IRIS CRM Calendar & Google Calendar Integration

New Feature: IRIS CRM Calendar & Google Calendar Integration

We are excited to announce our latest feature, the release of a Google Calendar Integration! With this new integration, you can now sync IRIS CRM Calendars with your Google Calendar and watch the events appear.

What’s more, when you create a new appointment or task in IRIS CRM, the Lead’s important contact information will automatically transfer into the Google Calendar. Important details which IRIS syncs with Google Calendar include who the meeting is with, the meeting address, the contact’s phone number and a direct link to the IRIS Lead — all of these being visible right from the Google event!

And furthermore, your Merchant Services CRM now provides the ability for your sales reps to add their meeting notes right from the Google Calendar mobile app.  Any notes entered into the Google Calendar event will appear on the Lead automatically as a new lead Note!

You’ll find detailed information on setting up and using the new integration in our Google Calendar Integration knowledge base article. We’re also bringing the highlights in this post.


Google Calendar Event Updates


When you create a new Lead appointment in IRIS CRM a new event will also be created in your synced Google Calendar. The new event will be automatically populated with the Lead’s address, contact person, and phone information.

Additionally, you will also find a direct link to the Lead in the Description box allowing you to jump to the lead right from the Google Calendar:


Google Calendar Sync


Note that there is a special line in the Description box which reads “^^^ Enter Meeting Notes Above ^^^”:



Once you type your comments above the line shown above and then save the event, a new Note will be automatically added to the IRIS CRM Lead.  Here is how the Note from the above example will appear on the Lead:



When an appointment is changed from Not Confirmed to Confirmed within a Lead, the [Not Confirmed] text in your Google event’s name will also change automatically to [Confirmed]:



If you need to reschedule an appointment, you can do so right on the Google Calendar and the corresponding appointment will also be rescheduled in the IRIS Calendar.


Quick Steps To Enable Google Calendar


To set up your IRIS CRM appointments and tasks to sync with Google Calendar, open your IRIS CRM Calendar and click on the “Sync Calendar” button:



You will be redirected to another window where you can select which Google Calendar you would like to sync with IRIS CRM:



After the authentication is complete, you will be redirected back to the IRIS CRM Calendar settings page where you can finish configuring your sync settings:



Firstly, select whether to sync Appointments, Tasks or both:



Next, pick the users and the associated Google Calendars which will be synchronized. Each Google Calendar drop-down contains a list of all of your Google Calendars:



If needed, you can also create a new Google Calendar for a specific user automatically by selecting the “Create New Google Calendar” option and entering the name for the new calendar:



To locate specific users faster, start typing their name in the user search box and the user list will automatically refresh and show the top matches:



Once you have configured your sync settings click on the “Continue” button:



The syncing procedure will now begin and a progress page will open:



If an error is encountered during the setup, the progress log will display an appropriate error message.

Once the sync is complete, the progress bar will reach 100% and all of the tasks will be marked as successfully synced. You will then be redirected back to the Calendar page and a pop-up message will appear in the top-right corner of the page indicating a successful sync:



You can now go to your Google Calendar and verify that the sync has been performed successfully and that all of your existing IRIS CRM events appear in the Calendar correctly.

Also, if you chose to create any new Calendars during the setup process these Calendars will appear in your list of active Google Calendars:



Finally, you may also verify that your existing Google Calendar events are now showing up in your IRIS CRM Calendar.

At this point your Google Calendar has been synchronized with your IRIS CRM Calendar.

Whenever you (or your users) create a new appointment either in IRIS CRM or in Google Calendar, the event will appear on both Calendars automatically.


Manage Google Calendar Sync


Once you have set up a Calendar sync, the “Sync Calendar” button will change to become the “Manage Sync” button on the Calendar page:



The “Manage Sync” button opens the sync settings page where you can now unsync previously synchronized calendars or sync new additional calendars.

To unsync a specific calendar, click the “Unsync” button for that user calendar. This action will delete all of the synchronized events from their respective calendars and disable further synchronization for new events:



After you’ve clicked the “Unsync” button a confirmation prompt will appear. If you wish to proceed click “OK” and the sync will be removed:



Finally, a success message will be shown in the top-right corner of your Calendar page:



To unsync all calendars, click on the “Unsync All Calendars” button in the top right corner of the sync settings page:



You will receive a similar confirmation prompt as when removing a sync for individual calendars. To proceed, click “OK” and after all of the synchronized calendars have been removed a success message will be shown:



Coming up soon is also the Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration, so stay tuned!


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