New Feature: CRM Sales Group Email Branding

New Feature: CRM Sales Group Email Branding

We are pleased to announce the release of the new CRM Sales Group Email Branding feature! With this new feature, you are now able to further incorporate sub-sales group’s own branding into your IRIS CRM. Every email, system generated and user-generated, merchant facing and agent facing will be available for customization with your logo and contact number placeholders.


Take full control of what your users, merchants, and agents will see through an easy configuration of each group’s settings! Here’s a breakdown of the new feature.


Configuring Your Group Settings


To configure the settings for a specific group go to Manage > Administration > Users & Groups > Manage Groups and expand the accordion of the group you wish to edit:



Use the Group Information section to edit the basic information on the selected group and to upload a new group logo if needed:



In the Group Settings section, fill in the different contact names, numbers, and emails. Here you can also edit the group’s display name, select the default lead status, live status and the website address:



As you can see in the above image, different emails and contacts can be specified for different types of email notifications originating from the IRIS CRM system.

For example, you can send all lead-related notifications from one email address and contact name, and send all calendar-related notifications from another email address and contact name (and the same goes for the TurboApp and Helpdesk notifications).

Note that the email settings that you set up in your Group Settings will only apply to users who have the current group set up as their Primary Group in the user settings. To view or edit a user’s primary group go to Manage > User Accounts, find and open the user’s settings and look for the User Primary Group setting as shown in this image:



Copying Settings From a Different Group


If you’ve already configured a different group with similar settings, you can speed up the configuration of the group you’re currently working on by copying the settings from the other group. Click on the “Copy From” button and in the pop-up which appears select the group whose settings you wish to copy over, select whether to copy only the logo, the settings or both and then click “Copy”:



After that, the settings will appear in your current group’s settings and you can edit further if needed and then save.


Setting Up Your Email Templates


Your group settings can also be incorporated into your email templates by inserting the group settings placeholders in the email body.

To create a new email template go to Manage > Administration > Email > Email Templates and click on the Add New Template button:



On the Add New Template editor which pops up click More Options in order to show the advanced template options:



You can now use the Add Special Fields drop-down menu in order to select the placeholders to be inserted into your template. To insert your Group Settings placeholders into the template, look for the Group Settings fields in the drop-down menu as shown in the below image:



Once you’ve selected your placeholder click “Add” and the placeholder’s code will appear in your email body. You can also copy/paste this code into a different part of your email if needed:



And that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more cool updates coming soon!


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