New Feature: Invoices Widget

Invoices Widget

We have just added a new feature to your favorite Merchant Services CRM—the Invoice Widget!

The Invoice Widget provides you with an easy way to view the status of invoices you send to your clients.

Below is an example of an Invoice Widget shown on the Home Page tab. The widget shows the totals for invoices in different statuses and in different date ranges:



You can use the filters on the top of the Invoice Widget to view invoices that were created by a specific group or user:



To view the invoices in a specific status and date range, simply click on the invoice total amount in the table:



The report table below the invoice totals now refreshes automatically to show the invoices in the selected status and date range:



Click on the eye icon in the Actions column to view more detail on each individual invoice:



You can use the Search box in the report table to locate specific invoices faster.

If needed, you can also add additional columns to the table by clicking on the gear icon and selecting the columns you wish to view:



Click on the Export button to export your report to a CSV or Excel file:



Adding The Invoice Widget

The Invoice Widget can be added to your existing Home Page tab in a few easy steps—or you can also create a separate Home Page tab just for Invoices.

To add the widget to a new Home Page tab, start by creating the new tab.

Navigate to Manage > Administration > Home Page > Home Tabs, click on the Add New Home Tab button, configure the tab settings, and click Add to save the tab:



The new tab is now saved and you can add the Invoice Widget to it by clicking the Add/Remove Components button on it:



In the popup window which appears, select the Invoices component and click Add:



That’s it! The Invoice Widget has now been enabled and you can now view it on your Home Page tab:



We hope you enjoy using the new feature.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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