New Feature: IRIS CRM Live Chat Integration!


We are super excited to announce the availability of IRIS Chat on your favorite Merchant Services CRM!


Your team members can now chat, instantly share files and images, and create group chat rooms.


The new CRM live chat integration will provide an instant boost to the way your team communicates. You’ll no longer need to use any third party chat solutions. Instead, have all your team members and their conversations come together in the same place, right inside IRIS CRM!


IRIS Chat has been long in the making, and now that it’s here we’re positive you’ll love it!


Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the feature highlights.


The IRIS Chat Window


To open your chat window, click on the “Chat” button in the lower left corner in IRIS CRM:



The chat window will open up on the left side:




On the top of the chat window you’ll find options to upload your avatar, create a group chat, create a public channel, enable/disable sound notifications, and hide the chat window:



Uploading Your Avatar


To upload your avatar, click on the “Settings” icon in the chat window, click “Upload Avatar”, select your profile photo, and click “Save”:



Starting a Chat With a User


Start a chat by clicking on a user’s name in the chat window (if the user is online, a green circle will be shown in their avatar):




You can also search for users in the user search box. The user list will automatically refresh and show the matching results:



Once the chat window appears you can start your chat. If you need to send an image, just copy and paste it in the chat window and hit Enter.

You can insert an emoticon, a link to the page you’re currently on, or upload a file using the icons on the bottom right of the chat window:



If you need to locate a specific phrase from a previous conversation, click on the search icon in the chat window, enter your search phrase and hit “Search”:



Creating a New Group Chat


To start a new group chat, click on the “Create New Group” icon, enter the Group’s name, select the Group’s members and click “Create”:


Tip: If the user list is too long, use the Search box to filter the user list and find the required users faster.


The new group will now appear in your chat window and you can click on it in order to start the group chat:



In the group chat window you’ll find following group-specific options:

  • Add/Remove Users
  • Change the Group Name
  • Leave the Group Chat
  • Delete the Group Chat
  • Search the Group Chat
  • Start a Call With all Members of the Group (The Dialer must be enabled)



Creating a New Public Channel


Use the public channels to start discussions and share insights with all your users. To start a new Public Channel, click on the “Create Public Channel” icon, enter the channel’s name and click “Add”:




The new channel will now appear in your chat window and you can click on it to open the channel conversation. Public channels are distinguished from individual or group chats by the hash character (#):



The public channel window provides two channel-specific options, the option to change the name of the channel and the option to delete the channel:



Note that you can also post messages on a public channel right from your private chat window. Just enter the hash symbol (#) in the private chat window and start typing the name of the public channel.

After you’ve entered a few letters the window will automatically show the matching channels:



The message appears in the private chat window and the public channel:



And that’s that! Stay tuned as we continue to find new ways of improving your productivity!


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