The IRIS CRM Chrome Extension is now available for download in the Chrome Webstore!

Click here to download The IRIS CRM Sidebar Extension.

The extension enables you to perform many of your day-to-day tasks—such as creating new leads, adding lead notes, or changing the lead status—right from your Gmail inbox!

The extension installs as a sidebar in your Gmail which looks like this:

Enjoy added flexibility as you no longer need to open IRIS CRM
or wait till you get to the office in order to add a new lead or post a note!

Instead, you can now manage your leads in Gmail while on the go, and let the extension automatically sync your changes with the CRM!

With the new extension, we’ve also improved the way in which emails are bound to the lead records.

You can now choose which email fields will be used for email binding, and also set up rules to ignore specific email combinations from coming into the CRM.

Let’s dive in and check out the various cool features the extension offers.

Installing The Extension

To install the IRIS CRM extension simply navigate to the extension’s home page, click Add To Chrome, and complete the installation process.

Once installed, click on the IRIS CRM extension icon next to the address bar and click Log In:

Now enter your CRM Site URL, your username and password, and log in:

Creating A New Lead

To create a new lead from Gmail, open the email you received from the lead and click on the Plus button in the IRIS CRM sidebar:

In the popup which appears next, enter the lead’s contact info and select the lead’s status, users, source, and group. When finished, click Create Lead:

The new lead will now be added in the CRM and the information you entered displayed in the sidebar:

If an email that you opened is already linked to a lead in IRIS CRM, then the sidebar will automatically display the lead’s information and status.

Managing Existing Leads

The IRIS CRM sidebar allows you to call your leads using the Power Dialer, send SMS texts, change the lead’s status, and view or add lead notes and events. 

To call or message the lead, click on the Phone or the SMS icon shown in the Details section:

The action will direct you to the IRIS CRM lead page with the Power Dialer or the SMS popup launched automatically. 

To change the lead’s status click on the Pencil icon in the Details section and select the new status which will be saved automatically:

The Notes section allows you to add new lead notes or view existing ones:

Use the Tasks section to add new tasks or appointments or to view existing events:

Sending Emails

The IRIS CRM extension also adds a few important functions to Gmail’s email editor as shown in this image:

The Email Templates button launches a popup which allows you to select a template from IRIS CRM and apply it to your message:

The next three options shown in the top of the email editor allow you to compose your email using voice, enable visitor tracking, and enable email open tracking:

When you are composing an email with your voice, you can use commands like comma, period, new line etc. Learn more about using voice and voice commands in our article on Using Speech Recognition.

The Visitor Tracking feature uses the latest cookie technology to notify you when the people you email visit your website and what they are looking at click-by-click. Learn more about this cool feature in our post on Visitor Tracking.

The Track Open Email option enables automatic notifications in IRIS CRM each time a recipient opens your email, and the information is also saved in the lead notes. 

Email Scheduling

At the bottom row of the email editor you’ll find the Send Later button which allows you to schedule an email to be sent at a later time:

For example, you may want to schedule your emails to be sent out on Tuesdays and Thursdays which according to research are the best days for increasing the chances of your email being opened.

The time of day also plays an important role. For example, an email sent at 6:00 am is three times more likely to see a link clicked than an email sent at 4:00 pm in certain industries. Timing your emails right is even more important if your recipients are located in different time zones.

After you schedule an email it will be saved as a draft in Gmail and it will show the send schedule at the bottom of the email editor.  

If you decide you don’t want to send the email after all, you can simply discard the draft.

Email Binding

The Gmail sync is now performed via the lead email fields that have been enabled for Email Binding in the field’s settings:

Gmail messages that were sent to (or received from) addresses saved in these email fields will be automatically added to the corresponding lead record as new notes.

To ensure that the inter-company and similar communications are ignored from coming into the CRM, you can add email address pairs which will be ignored by the CRM. 

Navigate to Manage > Administration > Email > Email Binding Configuration and add as many email address pairs as needed:

For more information on managing your Email Binding options please see our knowledge base article on Email Binding Configuration.

We hope you’ll enjoy using our latest addition to IRIS CRM!

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!!

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