New Feature: IRIS CRM & Microsoft Outlook For Office 365 Calendar Integration

New Feature: IRIS CRM & Microsoft Outlook For Office 365 Calendar Integration

We are excited to announce the release of our Microsoft Outlook For Office 365 Calendar Integration with your Merchant Services CRM!

Watch your IRIS CRM Calendar tasks and appointments appear in Outlook Calendar instantly and vice versa. Your Outlook events can now automatically pull in the important Lead information from IRIS CRM, including the Lead’s contact person, phone, address, and the Lead URL.

When it’s time to update an appointment or a task with additional information, you can do so right inside Outlook and the information that you add will appear in IRIS CRM automatically as a new Note! As a result, your sales reps can now manage their tasks and appointments either in Outlook or IRIS CRM, and never miss a step!

Enabling your Outlook integration is a breeze and only requires a few clicks. For more information on syncing and managing your Outlook integration please refer to our knowledge base article on Calendar Integration.

We are also sharing some of the highlights in this post.


Outlook Calendar Event Updates


After you’ve configured your Outlook sync, any task or appointment you create in IRIS CRM will also be created in your synced Outlook Calendar. The new Outlook event will automatically populate with the Lead’s address, contact person, phone, and URL:



Note that there is a special line in the event description box which reads “^^^ Enter Meeting Notes Above ^^^”:



Once you type your comments above that line and then save the event, a new Note will be automatically added to the IRIS CRM Lead.  Here is how the Note from the above example appears on the Lead:



When an appointment is changed from Not Confirmed to Confirmed within a Lead, the [Not Confirmed] text in your Outlook event’s name will change automatically to [Confirmed]:



If you need to reschedule an appointment, you can do so in the Outlook Calendar in which case the appointment will be automatically rescheduled in the IRIS Calendar as well.


Syncing Other Users’ Calendars


Other than syncing your own IRIS CRM Calendar with Outlook, you can also sync the calendars of your other team members. Locate the users in the Calendar sync settings and match them to one of your Outlook Calendars using the provided drop-down menus:




Alternatively, you can also have new Outlook Calendars created automatically for the selected users, in which case you should choose the “Create New Outlook Calendar” option and enter the name of the new Outlook Calendar for each user:





Once you’ve saved your new sync settings, your team members’ Calendar tasks and events will begin to appear in your Outlook Calendar:





We hope you enjoy using the new Outlook integration!


More new features and enhancements are coming up soon, so stay tuned!


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