New Feature: CRM Lead Notes Filter

New Feature: CRM Lead Notes Filter

Your Merchant Services CRM has just gotten a cool new feature — the CRM Lead Notes Filter!


Using the Note Filter you can now automatically show only the notes that belong to one or more Note categories that you select.  Save time to search for a specific note by simply selecting the category the note is in!


Once you apply the category filter, the resulting notes will be shown in chronological order, and finding your note then should be a breeze!


Here is the low-down on the new feature.


Applying the Note Filter


To filter your notes, click on the “Filter” button and select one or more filter categories:



As you select or unselect specific categories, the filter will automatically refresh the notes and show only the ones that belong to the categories you selected.

After you close the filter, the Notes tab will show how many notes are being displayed with the current filter, and the “Filter” button will show the number of categories you selected:



If the filter you selected doesn’t come up with any notes, you will see a “No Notes Found” message:



Here is an explanation of each note category and what type of notes it includes:


  • Calendar: Appointments scheduled, confirmed, or rescheduled.
  • E-Sign: E-sign documents opened, signed, or received new information.
  • Status Triggers: Status Trigger actions, including emails sent by a trigger.
  • Communications: SMS sent or received, and Voicemail Drops.
  • Emails: Emails sent, scheduled, edited, canceled, or opened.
  • User: Notes manually entered by a person.


Each time you run the note filter the system will remember the categories you selected and it will automatically select them again the next time you use the filter.


Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon!


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