New Feature: Merchant API

New Feature: Merchant API

We have just added a major new feature in your favorite Merchant Services CRM — the Merchant API!


Move your game to a whole new level by integrating your in-house or third-party applications with IRIS CRM.


The Merchant API provides numerous functions to access or to update your merchants’ information using simple REST calls.


For example, you may use the calls to:

  • Get a list of all merchants segmented by processor and other options
  • Get merchant demographic profile information via the Merchant ID number
  • Get daily information on merchant deposits, transactions, chargebacks and retrievals
  • Make updates to merchant profiles in real-time
  • Download merchant PDF statements


The Merchant API is the first in the series of API extensions that we will be rolling out in the coming weeks.


Let’s dive in!!


Authenticating Your Account


When you send an API request, you will need to include an API token in your request in order to authenticate your account.

The tokens are generated in IRIS CRM by each user individually, and each user may create one or more tokens.


To generate a new API Token, open your user settings page by clicking on your username in the top-right corner, and clicking on the Settings link.

Then open the API Settings tab, click Create New API Token, configure your token’s settings as needed, and click Add New Token:



Your new token will now be created and displayed in a popup window:



Once the token is created, it will be shown in the list of available API Tokens where you can copy the token, update its settings, or delete it once it’s no longer needed:



Note: The created tokens will inherit the user’s permissions to assigned merchants, groups and processors.

Also please bear in mind that the API Tokens should not be shared in publicly accessible areas, client-side code, and so forth.


Using the Merchant API


To start using the Merchant API please refer to the API documentation at or on your IRIS CRM site.

To access the documentation on your site, enter the following URL in your address bar while replacing yourdomain with your actual domain:



Authentication to the API is performed via X-API-KEY header. Requests not properly authenticated will return a 401 error code.

Note that all requests should be made over SSL. All request and response bodies, including errors, are encoded in JSON.


The Merchant API returns standard HTTP success or error status codes. In case of errors, additional information about what went wrong will be encoded in the response as JSON.

By default, you can make 60 requests per minute. Check the returned HTTP headers of any API request to see your current rate limit status.


We hope the new Merchant API helps you to get more out of IRIS CRM and makes your workflows more efficient!


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon to an IRIS CRM near you!


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