New Feature: Merchant Mass Actions

Merchant Mass Actions

We’re excited to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with the ability to perform Mass Actions on your merchants.

With Mass Actions, you can now update groups, processors, data sources, assigned users, as well as perform many other actions on selected merchants.

To use the new feature open the Merchant Management page by navigating to Manage > Administration > Merchants > Merchant Management.

Once you’re on the page, simply select the merchants you wish to update and click on the Mass Actions button:


Merchant management page


To select all of the merchants in the current view click on the “Select All Merchants” link just above the merchant table:


Select all merchants


The “Select All Merchants” link allows you to easily update all merchants that satisfy specific criteria.

For example, to re-assign merchants from one user to another, first use the “Assigned Users” filter to filter for merchants belonging to a user.

Then after the report table refreshes, use the “Select All Merchants” link to select all of the merchants assigned to the selected user, and finally reassign them using the Mass Actions button.


When you click on the Mass Actions button a popup window appears where you can select the actions to be applied to the selected merchants, as shown in the below screenshot example:


Merchant actions


Note: The “Set Splits For” section in the popup is displayed only if there is at least one user who has been assigned to all of the selected merchants.


After you select the changes to be made to the merchants click on the Update button.

A confirmation popup now appears showing a summary of changes that are about to be made to the selected merchants.

Review the changes and if everything looks okay click Confirm to apply the changes:


Mass actions confirmation popup


Once the changes have been made a confirmation message is shown:


Merchants updated


The Mass Action popup also allows you to delete selected merchants, by clicking on the Delete button in the lower right corner.

A confirmation popup now appears asking you to confirm the deletion:


Delete confirmation


If you’re certain you wish to proceed, click Confirm and the merchants will be deleted.

Once the merchants have been deleted a confirmation message is shown:


Deletion successful


To manage an individual merchant account simply click on the pencil icon in the Action column for that merchant:


Edit individual merchants


A popup window now appears showing the merchant’s settings and history of activity:


Merchant settings and history


You can now edit the merchant’s settings as needed.

When finished click Update and a confirmation popup will appear showing a summary of changes about to be made:


Mass actions confirmation popup


Click Confirm to save your changes.


You can use the Merchant History tab to review the changes that have been made to the merchant account over time:


Merchant history tab


For more information on managing your merchant accounts please see our knowledge base article on Merchant Management.


We hope you enjoy using the new feature.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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