New Feature: Merchant User Metrics

Merchant User Metrics

We are happy to announce a new feature for IRIS CRM, Merchant User Metrics!

ISOs can now see which merchant users are interacting with their merchant portal at a glance and provide access to new users via a simplified one-click invite process.

IRIS CRM’s Merchant Portal is a huge value-add, enabling ISOs to provide their merchants with a place to view key account information, set SMS/Email notifications for deposits and disputes, export financial data, and much more. With IRIS CRM’s unlimited user subscription model, any number of merchant users can access the portal and the one-click invite process makes it simple to incorporate into the onboarding process. 

Merchant user metrics ensure that ISOs know exactly which merchants are taking advantage of IRIS CRM’s Merchant Portal, and will help increase adoption among merchants that haven’t yet received access. An increase in merchant users engaging with your portal boosts stickiness and drives more revenue for your payments business.


How It Works

To view merchant user activity, we created a dedicated icon on the merchant page.

Quick View

After a merchant user has been invited or provided access to their merchant portal, you will see a briefcase icon next to their merchant name on the Merchant Details page of the ISO view. You can hover over this icon for a quick view of the number of merchant users for the selected merchant location:


Detail View

Clicking this icon will pop up a report that includes a list of merchant users, the date and time of their last login, the number of Helpdesk tickets they’ve submitted, and how many users have signed in over the past 30 days:

Merchant User Metrics


Easy Merchant Invites

You can also invite new merchant users directly from the popup. Simply input a merchant’s email and IRIS CRM will send an invite for your private-labeled merchant portal:


The recipient will now be added to the list of merchant users, with an “Invited” status. You can resend the invitation by clicking the Refresh icon to the right of the invited user status:


Show/Hide Deactivated Users

We have also added a check box, which allows you to show or hide deactivated users for the merchant:

Take advantage of this new feature and ensure that your merchants are gaining the significant benefits of IRIS CRM’s Merchant Portal!

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