New Feature: Open API – Leads

New Feature: Open API – Leads

Following the recent release of the Merchant API that we announced here, your favorite Merchant Services CRM now also features a Lead API!


With the Lead API you now have the ability to pull and update IRIS CRM lead data by making simple REST calls.


This in turn opens the doors to endless possibilities for integrating your existing systems with IRIS CRM and enhancing your various workflows!


Check out the API documentation at (replace the letters in red with your actual domain) or at



Usage Scenarios


The lead API can be deployed to automate many kinds of tasks or to sync data across different systems.


For example, let’s say you want to generate a list of leads that meet specific criteria and send them an email blast from your marketing platform.

In order to do that, you would normally run a lead search in IRIS CRM and export the leads to CSV, then import the CSV into the marketing platform and map the email template fields, and finally send your email blast.


Those are quite a few steps that you needed to do each time you wanted to send an email blast!

Instead of running all those steps manually, you could now automate the entire process via the Lead API, and reduce the number of steps to just a few clicks of the mouse!


Another example of where the API comes in handy is when syncing your existing CRM or an in-house system with IRIS CRM in order to enable your users to get the best of both worlds.

With the sync in place, your users could manage Leads and Merchants from a single system, while at the same time leveraging the full power of IRIS CRM’s advanced processor integration capabilities!


There are of course a number of other ways the API may be deployed, which are specific to each client’s specific environment and needs.


To give you a better idea of what you can do with the Lead API, here is a list of the various API functions:


  • Get a list of leads, lead details, notes, appointments, tasks, assigned users, and uploaded documents
  • Get a list of available campaigns, groups, sources, and statuses
  • Create a new lead, lead note, task, or an appointment
  • Assign or un-assign users to the lead
  • Update the lead’s fields, status, campaign, group, and source
  • Upload or download lead documents
  • Generate an E-Sign application and get a list of available apps


By building custom solutions based on the Open API you will enable your users to do more in less time, and fill in any gaps in your specific business scenarios!!


For a complete guide on using the API please see our knowledge base article on the Open API.


Stay tuned for more updates coming real soon!!


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