New Feature: PDF And Image File Previews In Browser

New Feature: PDF And Image File Previews In Browser

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with PDF and Image File Preview capability!


Preview your PDF files and images right in your browser, without having to download the files and then open them in a different application!


The new feature will save tons of time to users who work with a large number of documents every day, and who frequently just need to take a peek in a PDF or an image attached in IRIS CRM.


The feature is available on most pages in IRIS CRM that provide links to uploaded documents, as well as in the IRIS CRM chat windows.


Let’s take a closer look!


Previewing Files In Your Browser


To preview a file in your browser simply click on the document link as you normally would:



The document will now be shown in a preview window as shown in this image:



The action buttons on the top of the preview window allow you to jump to a specific page quickly, rotate the document view, download or print the document, and to view the PDF bookmarks (if available):



You’ll find the zoom controls in the lower right corner of the preview window:



In the lower left corner, there is another file download link:



To close the preview window simply hit the Escape key on your keyboard, or click your mouse anywhere outside the preview window.


If you wish to download a document directly and without opening the preview window, you may still do so.

In Chrome, right-click on the document link, click “Save link as…”, and select a folder on your disk where the file will be saved:




Other browsers too have a similar file-save option in their right-click context menu.


We look forward to saving your team time when working with documents.


Stay tuned for more cool updates coming soon to an IRIS CRM near you!


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