New Feature: Send Secure PDFs

Send Secure PDFs

We are pleased to announce that the E-Signature feature in your favorite Merchant Services CRM now comes with the ability to send the agreements as secure PDFs.


E-signature technology allows you to:

  • automate a large portion of your workflows related to document preparation and management
  • securely store and retrieve documents as needed from anywhere with an internet connection and at any time convenient to you, your sales staff, or your customer
  • save your company the expense of printing, faxing, mailing via USPS or overnight delivery services, and managing important documents
  • close sales more quickly and efficiently without the delay caused by printing and mailing contracts to clients


Powered by Adobe Sign, we have taken E-Signature to the next level by delivering a single point of data entry which automatically transfers data collected from an electronically signed document back into the CRM.


With the latest update, we have now also provided the option to password protect the PDF files when they are sent to the signing parties by email.


Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this cool feature!


Enabling Secure PDFs

After a client signs an E-Signature Agreement, a confirmation email is sent to the client which contains a copy of the PDF agreement.

By default, the PDF document is unsecured and can be opened by anyone.


To secure the PDF document with a password, you can now enable the PDF password protection in the E-Signature application settings.


Navigate to Manage > Administration > E-Signature > Import PDFs, locate the agreement you wish to edit, and click the Edit button:


Import PDFs


In the application settings popup, select a lead field to use as the password:


Password field


Note that the password dropdown only shows the secure text fields (such as the Federal Tax ID, SSN, etc) and not all of the text fields.

After selecting the lead field to use at the password, save your changes.

The PDF documents generated for the selected E-Signature application will now be password protected.


Password Field

The password used to open the PDF files will be the last 4 characters of the selected password field on the lead where the e-sign document originated.

For example, if you selected the Federal Tax ID field as the password, and the lead’s tax ID is ‘123456789’, then the PDF password for that lead will be ‘6789’.

In order to enable Sales Reps to optionally send out applications as unsecured PDFs (for example when the password field has less than 4 characters), then select the “Allow Sending If No Password” checkbox:


Allow Sending If No Password checkbox


With the option enabled, and if the password field has less than 4 characters, the Sales Rep will see a popup window asking them to confirm sending the application as unsecure PDF or to cancel the operation:




Updating The E-Signature Email Template

After you have enabled password protection on your E-Signature apps, you should also update the wording in your E-signature confirmation email template, to instruct the client on how they can open the PDF.

For example, if you selected the Federal Tax ID field as the password field, you can now update the template to let the client know that they can open the attached PDF file by entering the last four digits of their Federal Tax ID:





After the client signs the agreement, a secured copy of the PDF file will also be saved on the lead.

Secured files on the E-Sign and the Attachments tabs are displayed with a lock icon.

To view the password for opening the PDF file simply hover your mouse over the lock icon:


Locked Icon


In order to preview a secured file on the lead, you will need to enter the document’s password first:


Password Required


The password is also required if the PDF file is downloaded and opened in Adobe or other PDF software:


Adobe PDF


And there you go. We hope you enjoy using the new feature.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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