New Feature: SMS Forwarding

New Feature: SMS Forwarding

IRIS CRM now supports SMS forwarding!


Have your lead’s SMS messages forwarded to your mobile automatically and make sure you never miss a step!


You no longer need to log into IRIS CRM in order to view or respond to SMS messages.

Instead, simply enable SMS forwarding in your User Settings and IRIS CRM will forward the incoming SMS messages to you instantly!

You can then reply to the messages from your phone, and your entire SMS conversation will be automatically saved in the lead notes.


Enabling SMS Forwarding


To enable SMS forwarding, open your user settings page (using the Settings option under your username in the top right corner), and select the Enable SMS Forwarding option:



Optionally, you may also use the scheduler icon in order to select the specific times when the SMS messages will be forwarded to you:



After you click on the icon, the Forwarding Schedule window will open up which you can use for selecting a custom daily forwarding period or an ongoing forwarding schedule (which is set for each weekday individually):



Tip: If you are setting up an ongoing forwarding schedule, you can use the two buttons next to the time picker buttons in order to copy a specific time period to all of the other remaining days, or just to the next day:



After you finish configuring your forwarding settings, save the changes and the SMS messages will start to forward to your mobile automatically in accordance with your preferences.


Mapping Contacts To Phone Numbers


By default, the SMS messages sent by your leads will be forwarded in the following format:


<dba_name> @ <phone_number>: <message_text>


For example, a forwarded SMS may look something like this:


Tom’s Auto Parts @ 6461234567: Please send me the paperwork


If you prefer to have your SMS messages show the contact name and not the DBA name, then you may map the contact name field to the phone field on your lead.


To do so go to Manage > Administration > Leads > Manage Lead Fields, locate the phone field, open it for editing, and select the appropriate contact field from the Contact Field drop-down:



After you save the changes, your forwarded SMS messages will now look something like this:


Tom @ 6461234567: Please send me the paperwork


And there you go! More updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!


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