New Feature: CRM SMS Metrics

New Feature: CRM SMS Metrics

We are excited to introduce a new reporting feature in IRIS CRM — the CRM SMS Metrics! With SMS Metrics you can keep on top of your team’s SMS messaging activity, find the messages or numbers you’re looking for in seconds and export your SMS usage reports to Excel or CSV files.


Here is a quick rundown of the new feature.


The SMS Metrics report


To open the SMS Metrics report click on Tools > SMS Metrics:



The SMS Metrics page will open up, containing several filtering options as shown in the below image:



The first row of the SMS Metrics filter options contains three fields which allow you to select specific Groups, User Classes or Users whose SMS activity you wish to view. When you click on any of these fields a pick list will appear which you can use to select the required Group, User Class or User:



The second row of the SMS Metrics filter contains a drop-down menu with several typical time ranges that you can use to run your report:



After you select a time range your report will automatically refresh and show the data you were looking for (without pressing the “Search” button).


If you need to use a more specific time range, you can do so using the remaining two fields in the second row. Click on the “From:” or “To:” fields and select your start and end dates and times. When finished, click on the “Search” button:



Your SMS Metrics report will now show up as shown in the below image:



If needed, use the options provided in the report header to limit the numbers of results shown per page, export your report to Excel or CSV format or to search for specific information within the report:



Your report data can also be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on any of the column headers:



Stay tuned for more new features and enhancements! Things are never quiet at IRIS CRM!



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