New Feature: CRM Speech Recognition

New Feature: CRM Speech Recognition

We have just introduced a super-cool new feature in IRIS CRM—the CRM Speech Recognition!


Put on your headset and watch the words you speak appear on your screen immediately—courtesy of the state-of-the-art speech recognition API!


The speech-to-text feature is only supported by Chrome and Android browsers. For an updated list of supported browsers please visit:


Let’s take a closer look!


Using Speech Recognition on a Lead Note or a Merchant Profile Note


Speech recognition is available on Lead Notes, Merchant Profile Notes, Helpdesk Tickets, and Quick Emails and more speech capabilities are in development.

To enter text into a new or an existing Lead Note using speech recognition, click on the microphone icon on the Note and start speaking into your microphone:



When you click on the microphone icon for the first time, your browser will ask for the permission to use your microphone. Click “Allow”:



You can now start talking into your microphone and when you stop, the speech recognition feature will enter your words in the Note automatically:



If you stop talking for about 10 seconds, then the speech recognition feature will stop recording. In order to start recording again, click on the microphone icon and start talking again.

The speech recognition feature is also available on the Merchant Details page, in the Notes accordion under the Profile tab:



Using Speech Recognition on a Helpdesk Ticket


The speech recognition feature can be found on your new Helpdesk tickets too, and it works in the same way as on the Lead Notes. Just click on the microphone icon, start talking and your text will be automatically entered:



Existing Helpdesk tickets will show the microphone icon in the Add Comment section:



Using Speech Recognition on Quick Email


When you create a new Quick Email from a Lead and select a template, the microphone icon will be shown in the Message box:



You can now click on the icon and start talking into your microphone. When you stop, your text will appear in the email body automatically.

If needed, you can also click on a different place in the email and that start recording again. Once your text is ready, click “Done” and send your email.



We hope you enjoy using the new feature—we know we do!


Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon.


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