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Tracking your organization’s sales and customer support call outcomes can have a huge impact on call center productivity and user collaboration.

By tracking the call outcomes your sales managers can get valuable information on call performances and use that information to optimize the sales process further.


We are pleased to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now provides an easy way to track your call outcomes, giving your organization an additional means of boosting productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.


Logging a call outcome takes only a second which means that sales reps can use this feature as a one-click shorthand to record their call outcomes.

The need to log standard call outcomes through manual note-taking is thus eliminated and your sales reps get to save tons of time in the long run.


Let’s dive in and see how you can start using this coll new feature today!


Setting Up Your Call Outcomes

The Call Outcomes can be set up separately for outgoing and incoming calls, and you can also set up different outcomes for different user classes.


To set up call outcomes navigate to Manage > Administration > Dialer > Call Outcomes:




To configure outgoing call dispositions use the Outgoing Call Outcomes tab, shown in the below screenshot. Simply select the appropriate user class and add the call dispositions:



To add a different set of call dispositions for the incoming calls, repeat the process on the Incoming Call Outcomes tab:



You can reorder the call dispositions by dragging and dropping a disposition into a new position.

If needed, the call dispositions can be deleted at any time by clicking on the trash icon in the Action column.


Tracking The Call Outcomes

With your call outcomes set up, the next time a call is initiated your users will see the Call Outcome popup in the Dialer window:



The user can now select a call disposition during or after a call by simply clicking on it.


The Call Outcomes popup can be closed during the call in order to use the other Dialer feature as needed.

If you need to bring it up again, simply click on the Call Outcomes icon shown right below the call duration:




The call outcomes are also automatically added to the lead as new notes:



Call Outcomes Reports

As the users record their call outcomes the information is saved and can be viewed in the Dialer Metrics report:



For more information on using the Dialer Metrics reports check out our knowledgebase article on Dialer Metrics.


And there you are! We hope you enjoy using the latest addition to your CRM.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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