New Feature: Update Lead Status On TurboApp Status Change

New Feature: Update Lead Status On TurboApp Status Change

We’re back with a new feature update! IRIS CRM now provides the ability to automatically update a lead’s status whenever the related TurboApp application’s status is changed.

For example, when a TurboApp application is approved, you can now move the related lead record automatically into a new status, such as “Conversion Pending”.

Furthermore, once the lead’s status is changed, you can also have notifications sent out to assigned users automatically, alerting them of the change.


Both the lead status states and the status triggers can be easily customized in the CRM.

For more information check out our knowledge base article on Setting Up Status States & Triggers.


With the new feature, you can now ensure that the lead stays in sync with the related TurboApp applications and that the assigned users are able to respond promptly if action is required (such as when an application is declined or similar).


Let’s see how you can sync your lead’s statuses with TurboApp changes in a few easy steps.


Configuring Lead Status Changes


The Lead status changes can be configured individually for three types of TurboApp events including:

  • TurboApp In Underwriting
  • TurboApp Approved
  • TurboApp Declined

Also, the changes are configured separately for each user group in your CRM.


To configure the lead status changes navigate to Manage > Administration > Users & Groups > Manage Groups, and select a group to edit.


In the group settings window which opens, select the desired lead status for one or more TurboApp events:


TurboApp Lead


When you’re done, click Save Group to save your changes.

An additional prompt will now appear that allows you to apply your new settings to another user group, or to All Groups:




If you do not wish to apply the setting to a different group click Cancel.

Otherwise, select the group, click Okay, and the settings will be updated:




We hope the new feature helps you streamline your sales process even more.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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