New Feature: View System As Another User

New Feature: View System As Another User

We are excited to announce our newest addition to IRIS CRM — the View System As Another User functionality! The “View As” feature now provides you with the ability to view the IRIS CRM system in exactly the same way as it appears to a particular user or a user class.

Viewing the system from a different user’s perspective comes with several advantages, for example:

  • Administrators can answer users’ usability questions quicker without having to reset user passwords
  • Operations can provide better & faster customer support by viewing a site from the merchant’s perspective
  • Sales managers can quickly diagnose issues with lead and merchant views for your agents
  • Financial managers can verify that sales reps are being paid correctly from their perspective


How To Begin Using View As… To Start Seeing Results

To change your view to a different user’s perspective, click on your username in the top right corner of any page and select the new “View As…” option:



A gray bar will appear on top of the home page as shown in the below image.

To the left of the bar, you will find a drop-down menu which you can use to select a user whose view you wish to switch over to instantly!

To the right of the bar there is the “Exit View As…” link which returns you to your own system view at any point:



By clicking on the drop-down menu, you will see a list of all the active users of your system to which you have access to view the system as.

To find a user quickly, start typing a name in the provided autocomplete search and the menu will automatically display the top matches:



After you’ve found and selected your user, the system will refresh and begin to show the exact same interface and data that the selected user is also seeing. The gray bar on top will now change to indicate that you are currently viewing the system as the selected user:



When you are ready to return to your own system view, just click on the “Exit View As…” and you will be taken back to your homepage.


“View As” Permissions

In order to enable the new “View As” feature for a specific User Class you will need to configure the permission for that class.

From your home page go to Manage > Administration > Users & Groups > User Classes and on the page that opens click on the Permissions button for the User Class that you wish to edit:


Expand the “User Management” accordion, and locate the “View As Another User” option (at the bottom of the sub-list) and select the checkbox to the right of that option (either in the Advanced or the Administrator column; Basic users are not able to access this feature):



Having selected the “View As Another User” option, you now also need to select one of the three radio-button options directly above.

These User Management options control different ranges of access that a particular user is able to navigate to using the “View As” feature.

Here is a description of each option:

  • User Accounts: Add and edit users that are configured to report to them
  • User Accounts – Group: Add and edit all users within the user’s group except Administrator-type users
  • User Accounts – All: Add and edit system-wide users of any class except Administrator-type users

We look forward to saving you a lot of time previously dedicated to answering usability questions with our powerful View As feature.


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