New Integration: Aurora Payments Merchant Portfolio Reporting

Aurora Payments Integration

We have just completed the integration of Aurora Payments Merchant Reporting into your favorite Merchant Services CRM!


ISOs can now add a new Aurora Payments datasource in the CRM and use it for retrieving transaction reporting data for accounts that are processing through the Fiserv (First Data) and TSYS networks.


Let’s see how you can enable the Aurora integration on your site, and begin using the new integration in a few easy steps.


Send IRIS Setup Request

As the first step in the setup process, please download the Aurora IRIS CRM Data Transfer agreement, and complete the form.

When you’re done, email the agreement to with the subject line of: IRIS Setup Request


Add New Aurora Datasource

Once IRIS has been set up in Aurora, you will need to create a new datasource in your CRM.

Navigate to Manage > Administration > Processors > Processor Settings, and add a new data source.

In the new datasource popup, select the Production environment, enter your Aurora API username and password, and select the Aurora API Endpoint:


Add New Aurora Datasource


Note: In this example, we’re setting up a datasource for Aurora Fiserv, however a similar procedure is followed for Aurora TSYS datasource too, except you will be selecting Aurora (TSYS) in the Type dropdown (and configuring some TSYS-specific settings):


Aurora TSYS


Both Aurora Fiserv and Aurora TSYS datasources provide the deposits, chargebacks, and other important merchant data.

When you are done editing the datasource, click Assign to save it.


Create Scheduled Tasks

Finally, you will need to set up scheduled tasks for retrieving merchant data from Aurora on a daily basis.

Navigate to Manage > Administration > Site Options > Scheduled Tasks, and click Add Task to add a new scheduled task.

The new schedule item popup will appear as shown in the below screenshot:


Create Scheduled Tasks


Use the popup to create the following 6 scheduled tasks to run in daily intervals:

  • Aurora API (Omaha) – Import Merchants
  • Aurora API (Omaha) – Account Information
  • Aurora API (Omaha) – Batches & Transactions
  • Aurora API (Omaha) – Memos
  • Aurora API (Omaha) – Chargebacks & Retrievals
  • Aurora API (Omaha) – Statements

Aurora Payments Reports Examples

Once the report data starts streaming in, you will be able to view various reports for each of your merchants on the Merchant Details page.

Below are a few examples of reports generated using data retrieved from Aurora Payments.



Aurora Payments Reports Examples


Account Status:

Account Status














Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!



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