New Integration: CardConnect CoPilot Reporting Integration

Copilot and IRISCRM

IRIS CRM is happy to share that we have just released a new CardConnect CoPilot reporting integration!

CardConnect CoPilot is a Fiserv First Data portfolio management portal, empowering ISOs and agents to manage and track everything in their portfolio – reporting included.

With the new reporting integration, Fiserv North and Omaha ISOs and agents can now view their deposits,batches, account status, retrievals, chargebacks, and statements delivered from CoPilot right into IRIS CRM. The reporting is automatically imported into IRIS CRM through daily data feeds received from CardConnect, ensuring that you have an accurate view of your merchant data without having to leave your CRM.

The fast, automated data feed is easy to set up and you can start using it right away to view your CardConnect CoPilot reporting alongside your portfolio-wide merchant data.

How To Set Up CardConnect Reporting in IRIS CRM

To set up your CardConnect CoPilot integration, reach out to your CardConnect customer relationship manager to request that data transfers to IRIS CRM be enabled. IRIS CRM’s support team will then notify you that your CardConnect CoPilot data is available in IRIS CRM and you will be able to view the data right away.


CardConnect CoPilot Reporting in IRIS CRM

Deposits & Batches



Account Status

Account Status







CardConnect CoPilot Statements


We hope you enjoy these new enhanced workflows, and keep an eye out for more exciting upcoming developments!

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