New Integration: Elavon Merchant Portfolio Reporting

New Integration: Elavon Merchant Portfolio Reporting

We are happy to announce that IRIS CRM has completed its integration of Elavon Merchant Portfolio Reporting! With the new integration Elavon ISOs are now able to view monthly merchant information, chargebacks and daily batches with transactions right inside their Merchant Services CRM.

IRIS users can see how to enable the Elavon integration on our knowledge base here: Elavon Integration Guide

Below are a few highlights of the new integration.


Viewing Daily Batches With Transactions

To view the daily batches with transactions go to the Merchant Details page and click on the Deposits tab:



By clicking on any of the batches in the Daily Deposits report you can drill further into a batch and view reports on individual transactions:



Use the Search box in the top-right corner of the report to locate a specific transaction faster. If needed you can also export the report to Excel or CSV format using the Export button found next to the search box.


Merchant Account Status

Your merchant’s account status information is retrieved from Elavon and made available on the Merchant Details page under the Account Status tab. Within the tab, there are several accordions which you can expand.


The first accordion shows the general merchant information:



To view the merchant’s address information expand the Address accordion:



The merchant’s basic business information is available in the Merchant Information accordion:



The next accordion shows some of the Elavon-specific information:



In the Terminals accordion which comes next you can view the list of the merchant’s terminals. Use the provided Search box to find a specific terminal on the list faster:



Finally, the PCI Compliance accordion allows you to view the merchant’s current PCI status:




Merchant Statements

To view statements retrieved from Elavon open the Statements tab on the Merchant Details page. You will see a list of statements for each month and you can open each statement by clicking the “Open” link:



And that’s about it! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build on the best-in-class integrated merchant reporting!



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