New Integration: Esquire Bank Document Upload Automation for ISOs

Esquire Bank Document Upload Automation for ISOs

IRIS CRM is very proud to announce a new integration to accelerate the merchant boarding process, Esquire Bank Document Upload Automation for ISOs!

Many ISOs submit compliance documents to Esquire Bank as part of their TSYS onboarding process. In the past, administrators needed to download the necessary data for the batch of merchants they were onboarding, reformat it to Esquire’s requirements for submission, and upload/submit the data manually to Esquire. If the upload failed or there was an error in the data, they would need to review the entire batch of merchants, detect and fix the cause of the error, and resubmit the documentation to Esquire – once again, entirely manually.

With the new integration, IRIS CRM takes care of the hard work. No more manual effort, just seamless, automated submissions as part of IRIS CRM’s streamlined boarding experience powered by TurboApp.

Esquire Bank Document Compliance Automation

If you are an ISO that needs a faster, more efficient way to upload compliance documents to Esquire Bank, get in touch!

Current IRIS CRM clients can contact our support team to set up the integration – all that is required on your end are the SFTP credentials from Esquire Bank and a field mapping to ensure that the proper data is transferred over from your CRM. Not an IRIS CRM client yet? Request your free guided demonstration with our expert team today!

How It Works

To get started with the new integration, reach out to IRIS CRM’s support team and ask for them to set up the Esquire Bank integration. You will need SFTP credentials from Esquire Bank, as well as the field mappings to transfer the right data from your CRM to the proper places for Esquire Bank.

If you onboard merchants primarily through TurboApp, many of the mappings will be provided for you – but not all. Two fields are unavailable through TurboApp and require the mappings from the lead page in IRIS CRM – Signer 1 Ownership Pct., and Signer 1 Guarantee (F37 and F52 in the Esquire Bank document). 

Once you are in touch with IRIS CRM’s support team, we will assist with getting any necessary fields mapped so the data begins flowing smoothly as soon as possible. Once you are set up with the integration, you will be able to view the status of your Esquire Bank documentation uploads in a dedicated UI.

Once the integration is set up, a daily task will run in your CRM to upload the proper documentation for the most recent batch of merchants. You can review the uploaded batches, easily identify the reasons for any failed batches, and re-upload documentation when requested by Esquire Bank in just a few clicks!

Esquire Application Uploads

The Esquire Application Uploads page is where you can view all of your batch uploads to Esquire. The table shows the source and date range for each batch, along with the .txt file that was submitted to Esquire, the ZIP file with the MPA documents, how many records/merchants were uploaded in that batch, and the status.

You can preview the contents of the .txt file by clicking the small eye icon to the right of the text file name. This feature enables you to quickly view exactly which merchants were submitted to Esquire Bank for that specific batch:

Esquire Bank Document Compliance Automation

Here’s a view of the resulting popup:

Esquire Bank Document Compliance Automation

Under the status column, you will see either Uploaded in green for a successful upload or Failed in red if the batch didn’t upload correctly:

Esquire Bank Document Compliance Automation

To dive deeper into failed records, we provide a small button in the Records column which opens up a list of the records included in the specific batch:

failed upload

Next to each record containing any errors, you will see a View X Errors button with X being the number of errors for that particular record:

view errors

One such error could be that no documents were found with the specific label. Each MPA document needs to be assigned a specific label for Esquire in order to be included in the file upload. If you receive this error, you need to head to the lead and ensure that the MPA documentation has the proper label for uploading to Esquire Bank.

There are a variety of errors that could trigger a Failed mark under Status. Required fields may not be filled out, certain data may not meet requirements, and more. The Errors popup serves to inform your team of these errors so that they can be corrected and reuploaded to Esquire properly:

Error message

Keep in mind that, when re-uploading files that were not mapped through TurboApp, any changes to lead data for leads included in the upload will be reflected in the new submission. Any files re-uploaded through TurboApp will be static because the data is mapped directly from TurboApp while, if onboarding outside of TurboApp, the data to send to Esquire Bank is mapped directly from the lead file itself. If the record was deleted, it will not be included in the re-upload. This is also noted on the Esquire Application Uploads page in the tooltip at the top of the Actions column.  

You’re able to re-upload the text file, the MPA zip file, or both – but only use this feature as requested by Esquire because otherwise it can cause complications and add unnecessary time to your merchant boarding process:

Upload notice

We hope you find a lot of value in this new feature, and please reach out to IRIS CRM support if you have any questions and/or would like to set up IRIS CRM’s Esquire Bank Compliance Document Automation integration!

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