New Integration: First American Payment Systems

New Integration: First American Payment Systems

We are excited to announce that IRIS CRM has completed its integration of First American Payment Systems (FAPS) reporting!!


With the new integration, FAPS ISOs are now able to view monthly merchant information, daily batches, and deposit exceptions right inside the Merchant Services CRM.


Below are a few highlights of the new integration.


Viewing FAPS Data

To view the daily batches retrieved from FAPS go to the Merchant Details page and click on the Deposits tab:



To view the account status information open the Account Status tab.

Within the tab, there are several accordions which you can expand such as General Information, Owner Information, etc.



Use the Memos tab to view the retrieved FAPS memos:



The CRM also enables you to automatically scan the memos for deposit exceptions by simply defining keywords to look for.

Memos that are found to contain such keywords will be automatically displayed on the Deposit Exceptions page:




For more information on managing deposit exceptions please check out our knowledge base article on Deposit Exceptions.


On the Financials Tab, you can view the merchant’s monthly volumes with transaction counts, and export the information to an Excel or CSV file:



Finally, we have also integrated the FAPS data into the Portfolio Activity page where you can easily view your whole FAPS portfolio:



We hope you enjoy using the new integration!


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!!

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