New Feature: First Data Global Download System (GDS) Integration

New Feature: First Data Global Download System (GDS) Integration

We are pleased to announce that availability of the new First Data Global Download System (GDS) Integration! The new integration enables First Data Merchants to create terminal files using GDS.


Creating the terminal files is as simple as creating a new “File Build” ticket in the IRIS CRM Helpdesk, selecting the build options, and submitting the ticket.


The Global Download System (GDS) integration is an addition to the existing file build feature using First Deploy. The First Deploy integration enables you to create file builds for VX520 terminals while the GDS integration supports file builds for the FD 100ti w/ FD 35 pp (EMV) and the FD 130 terminals.


Let’s see how it works.


Building Files with GDS


In order to enable the file build feature using GDS, you will first need to send your GDS username and password to

The IRIS support team will then set everything up for you and once the file build feature is enabled, you can start generating your terminal files.


In order to build a new file, go to Helpdesk, create a new ticket and select the “Build a File (Auto – First Data)” ticket type:



The ticket will now automatically show the build options. Link the ticket to the merchant, select the FD 100ti w/ FD 35 pp (EMV) or the FD 130 terminal, choose if the application is Retail or Restaurant, and select the application parameters:



If needed, select users to be notified and enter your comments:


Finally, click “Add Ticket” and you will be provided with the Terminal ID, Application ID and Device ID in just a few seconds:



Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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