New Integration: LiveChat With Support Or Your Merchants

New Integration: LiveChat With Support Or Your Merchants

Has your team ever had a how-to question about IRIS CRM?


We recently rolled out the ability for IRIS CRM clients to chat directly with our support team from any page:


Access to IRIS CRM Support Chat will be available to Admin users by default and can also be enabled for Advanced users.

IRIS CRM support aims to be as readily available to our clients as possible during regular business hours.

Your team will now see a “Have Questions? Let’s Chat!” icon at the bottom right of your site:


Click on this chat icon and you will be routed to an IRIS CRM Support Chat member:


Now you can LiveChat with your merchants too:

Provide an immediate level of service through IRIS CRM that will give your ISO an edge over the competition with issue SLAs.

When you sign up for a LiveChat account you can provide live chat support to your merchants directly through your IRIS CRM site.

Once your LiveChat account is created, you can request your license ID from LiveChat and submit a ticket for our team to enable the LiveChat feature.

You can also find your license ID by going to


Get A LiveChat Account

Within LiveChat, make sure you enable your IRIS CRM site’s address ( to be a Trusted Domain:

When the LiveChat integration is enabled, merchants that are logged into IRIS will be able to interact with your ISO customer service team.

If everyone is signed out of the LiveChat app, merchants can leave a message which will be emailed to you.


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