New Integration: Maverick Payments Merchant Reporting

Maverick Payments Reporting Integration

IRIS CRM is excited to announce the release of our Maverick Payments reporting integration to bring even more merchant data directly into your IRIS CRM site. 

ISOs working with Maverick Payments are now able to have merchant data automatically populated in IRIS CRM. Not only will you be able to see overall portfolio volume and disputes, but specifics for each merchant including daily batches and transactions, authorizations, account details, retrievals, chargebacks, and monthly statements. 

Using the white labeled merchant portal offered by IRIS CRM, ISOs can also give their Maverick Payments merchant users access to their transactions, disputes, and monthly statements. Providing merchants with more data allows them to stay on top of their business and increase retained revenue, thus increasing residuals for you and your agents. 

The setup for the Maverick Payments integration is quick and simple. All you need to do is generate an API token in your Maverick Payments portal and share it with our Support Team to configure the integration. After that, data will automatically start populating in your CRM. 

With automated merchant reporting from Maverick Payments, staff can remain in one system to see all of your organization’s portfolios as well as specific merchant data, no matter the processor or acquirer. IRIS CRM eliminates the need to bounce between systems so your staff can remain focused on delivering value while increasing efficiency. 

Continue reading to learn how to enable the Maverick Payments reporting integration or follow our knowledge base article. If you’re not an IRIS CRM client and want to learn more about how our payments-specific integrations can help you grow your merchant services business, schedule a demo with us!


Activate Maverick Payments Reporting in IRIS CRM

Connecting reporting for your Maverick Payments portfolio in IRIS CRM is easy. All you need to do is generate an API token from your Maverick Payments Admin Portal, share it with the IRIS CRM Support team, and automatically begin receiving data on your Maverick merchants. 

Step 1: Generate API Token in Maverick Payments Admin Portal

In order to connect Maverick Payments data to IRIS CRM, start by logging into your Maverick Payments Portal as an admin. Find the Integrations > Token option on the menu and click on it. Maverick - IRIS CRM API Token


Once you’re on the Tokens page, click Add Token. All you need to enter is the name of the token, such as IRIS CRM Integration. You can copy the key value when creating the token to share with IRIS CRM to configure the integration in your CRM. Then, click Submit

Add New Maverick Token


After adding the token, click on Add Permission for the token you just created. Add both permissions – Show DBAs and Boarding Application. This will ensure we have permission to pull in the merchant data to your site. 


If you didn’t already copy the key when creating the token, you can click View Token and copy it from there. This is the information that you will need to provide to IRIS CRM’s Support Team to help set up the integration. 


Step 2: Contact IRIS CRM Support to Configure Integration

Once you’ve generated an API token in your Maverick Payments Portal, reach out to the IRIS CRM Support team by phone (1-888-870-9978), email, or live chat. Provide them with the API token and they will take care of the rest of the setup in your IRIS CRM site. 

Step 3: Automatically Receive Maverick Payments Reporting Data

After our Support Team completes the setup, you will automatically begin receiving merchant reporting data on your Maverick Payments portfolio directly in your IRIS CRM site. The most recent data will automatically be pulled into your site each morning. 

Maverick Payments Reporting Data

The Maverick Payments reporting integration offers your organization insight into all of the key merchant data necessary for analyzing performance and taking


The Deposits tab updates daily with the merchant’s batches from the previous day and includes a detailed list of transactions. If you offer your merchants access to IRIS CRM’s white labeled merchant portal, they can log in to see this data in order to track their performance. 



Going a step further, the Maverick Payments reporting integration also includes Authorizations, taking you deeper into your merchants’ processing activity.

Maverick Payments Authorization Reporting


Account Status

On the Account Status Tab, details about the merchant are pulled in directly from the Maverick Payments Portal including General, Bank, and Fee Information. 



Retrievals information is available to view open and historical Retrievals information. All of the Maverick Payments dispute information is also tracked in the Dispute Reporting tool for full portfolio management. 

IRIS CRM Maverick Merchant Retrievals



In addition to Retrievals, Chargebacks are also included in the Maverick Reporting integration so you can stay on top of all disputes. Chargebacks are included in the Dispute Reporting tool as well. 

IRIS CRM Maverick Merchant Chargebacks


Monthly Statements

Each month the merchant’s statement will be added to their Statements tabs. You are able to control whether or not your merchant users can access this tab to view their statements. 


The Maverick Payments reporting integration comes in addition to a wide variety of reporting integrations offered by IRIS CRM which allow ISOs and Payment Facilitators to view all of their portfolios in one system. To learn how our payments-specific integrations can improve your management of your merchant portfolios, schedule a guided demo with our team today. 

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