New Integration: Merchant e-Solutions Portfolio Reporting

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We are happy to announce that IRIS CRM has completed its integration of Merchant e-Solutions (MES) transaction reporting.

MES ISOs are now able to view merchants’ deposits, batches, account status, retrievals, and chargebacks right inside the Merchant Services CRM.

Below are a few highlights of the new integration.


Viewing Merchant Deposits

To view the merchant’s daily deposits open the Merchant Details page and click on the Deposits tab:



By clicking on any of the batches you can drill further into a batch and view reports on individual transactions:



Use the Search box in the top-right corner of the report to locate a specific transaction faster.

If needed you can also export the report to Excel or CSV format using the Export button to the left of the search box.



The daily batches are shown on the Batches tab:



Again, you can click on any batch in the report in order to view more detail:


Account Status

The merchant’s account status information is retrieved every day from MES and displayed under the Account Status tab:



Retrievals & Chargebacks

The two screenshots below show the merchant’s retrievals and chargebacks reports which are also refreshed daily:



Stay tuned for more cool updates coming soon!


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