New Integration: Vantiv IQ

IRIS CRM Vantiv IQ Integration

We are pleased to announce that IRIS CRM has completed its integration of Vantiv IQ Portfolio Reporting.

ISOs can enable the Vantiv IQ Portal integration to automatically retrieve Worldpay merchants’ account information, retrievals, chargebacks, and statements on a daily basis.

In addition to the Vantiv IQ Portal data source, your CRM also retrieves the merchants’ deposits automatically from the eMAF feeds.

Here are a few screenshots of the information retrieved daily from Worldpay:



Worldpay Deposits


Account Status

Worldpay Account Status



Worldpay Retrievals



Worldpay Chargebacks



Worldpay Statements


To enable the Vantiv IQ Portal integration on your site, begin by creating a new user in the portal with the “Basic Administrator” role.

You will need to set the user up with a password and 3 security questions and answers.


You will also need to select the following options on the Application Access tab on the new user’s settings page:


Vantiv IQ Application Access

Vantiv IQ Application Access


On the Special Functions tab, select the following options:


Vantiv IQ Special Functions


Finally, to enable the PDF statement downloads in the CRM, enable the Merchant Statements options on the Report Access tab:


Vantiv IQ Merchant Statements


With the new user created, open your CRM, navigate to Manage > Administration > Processors > Processor Settings and click Add New Processor:


Add New Worldpay Processor


In the New Processor dialog, select the Worldpay datasource, enter the user credentials, and complete the security questions and answers:


New Processor Settings


When you’re done, click Create to begin retrieving the data from the new processor.



We hope you enjoy using the new integration.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!



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