New Security Feature: E-Signature IP Address Reporting

New Security Feature: E-Signature IP Address Reporting

IRIS CRM is proud to announce a new security feature that will help your organization ensure the integrity of e-signed documents – E-Signature IP Address Reporting!

With this new functionality, all e-signed documents that are sent and signed through IRIS CRM will log the sender and signer location along with their IP address. This will provide your organization with the necessary information to validate who sent the document and who signed it which will help in finding and deterring situations where an agent fraudulently signs an agreement as the merchant.

You can view this information in the table of the e-sign widget on the home page or by hovering the document icon that is associated with a signed document on the e-sign tab of a lead record. An additional permission has been added to the Security section of User Class Permissions to control which users can see this information. E-signature documents that have been sent within the last 90 days of this feature being released will be retroactively updated to include the sender and signer IP address. 

This new security enhancement will help your organization maintain the integrity of your applications and other binding documents to prevent fraud and reduce risk. 


How E-Signature IP Address Reporting Works

No settings will need to be updated in your IRIS CRM site, this feature will automatically be enabled and start tracking the location and IP address information going forward!

Once a document has been signed, the tracking icon will be displayed on the right side of the record, after status and any other actions that are available. 

E-Sign Table


When you hover your cursor over the icon, a pop-up will be displayed with the sender IP address, sender location, signer IP address, and signer location. 

E-Sign IP Address Tracking


If the sender’s and signer’s IP address are the same, the icon will have a red dot to indicate that they match and should be reviewed. 

New Security Feature: E-Signature IP Address Reporting


The sender IP address, sender location, signer IP address, and signer location will also be available in the e-signature widget on the home page. 

E-Sign Widget


You can add or remove columns from being displayed in the table by using the gear icon next to the search field.

E-Sign Widget Columns


Site administrators can set which user classes have the ability to view the sender and signer IP information under the Security section of User Class Permissions. Users who do not have this permission enabled will not be able to see the sender and signer information. Only Administrators will have this permission by default.


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