NMI is one of the payments industry’s top gateway service providers, offering businesses the electronic payment solutions necessary to link their merchant accounts with their end customers both online and in-store. 

NMI’s powerful gateway software offers merchants everything they could possibly need to power their electronic payment processing, including a virtual terminal that can be integrated into their in-store payment hardware, a built-in online shopping cart, the ability to schedule recurring transactions, account switching, a complete product management suite, and much more. 

The rich features and utility of NMI’s products make them an ideal solution for your merchants, but NMI has a lot to offer you as an ISO as well. Through their reseller program, your ISO has the opportunity to partner with NMI on all of their industry-leading products, providing your merchants with additional convenience and opening up a complementary line of business alongside your standard merchant services. That represents a natural, low-friction way to boost your revenues.

With the right tools, taking advantage of the opportunity requires very little work on your end. 


How NMI Can Boost Your Monthly Residuals

Your customers need gateway services to make sales. The question is just where they get them from. If you’re signing merchants up for payment processing services and not offering gateway services as an add-on, you’re missing out in two big ways:

  1. Your customers are spending money with a third-party that they could’ve been spending with your ISO.
  2. You’re forcing your customers to engage another service provider before they can start selling, inconveniencing them at best and potentially delaying their operations at worst. 

By signing up with NMI as a reseller, you can offer your merchants complete payment solutions that enable them to begin selling right away and minimize the number of accounts they have to manage and the number of monthly bills they have to juggle. That convenience and immediacy make purchasing their gateway services through your ISO an easy choice for most merchants. 

As an NMI reseller, you can set the monthly and per-transaction prices on your merchants’ gateway services however you see fit. This effectively turns their gateway services into a source of residuals alongside your standard transaction processing fees. You can earn those residuals on both NMI’s standard gateway product, as well as on their numerous value-added upgrades like advanced level III data processing, iSpyFraud transaction filtering, QuickBooks SyncPay, and many more. 


IRIS CRM’s NMI Boarding Integration

Once your ISO has signed up with NMI, you’ll get access to NMI’s online merchant boarding portal, where you can add each merchant you sign to new gateway services. Unfortunately, manually boarding merchants to their gateway services has a lot in common with manually boarding merchants to your payments processors – it’s slow, inconvenient, and extremely error-prone. 

As an IRIS CRM user, you can skip the NMI portal altogether and handle the entire gateway boarding process directly through the CRM. Just as TurboApp saves you the time and headache of manually filling out processor boarding forms field-after-field, IRIS CRM’s NMI integration uses the merchant data already stored in the system to automatically complete most of the gateway boarding process for you. You just have to verify the data, set your rates, choose which services to activate, and you’re done.

The entire process consists of just three easy steps and can be completed in a minute or less. Once you press the submit button, your merchant’s gateway services will be instantly initialized, enabling them to start selling immediately and you to unlock additional revenues after no more than a minute of additional work. 

Partnering with NMI allows your ISO to provide merchants with one-stop access to complete end-to-end payment solutions, and IRIS CRM is ready to facilitate those resales. If you’re ready to find out more about IRIS CRM’s partnership with NMI, and how it can help your ISO boost residuals on each merchant account in a minute or less, click here for full details on the integration. Better yet, get a firsthand look at how fast and easy IRIS CRM makes gateway boarding by booking your free guided demonstration of IRIS CRM’s NMI integration now.