NMI Boarding: Additional Fiserv and Worldpay Platforms are Now Supported

NMI Boarding: Additional Fiserv and Worldpay Platforms are Now Supported

IRIS CRM’s NMI boarding integration just got even better with the addition of new platforms to choose from when boarding merchants to Fiserv and Worldpay. 

We now support 11 Fiserv and 6 Worldpay platforms to give you more flexibility when boarding NMI gateway accounts. The expanded list of options ensures that you are boarding merchants with the correct data and that the data is included in the merchant’s VAR sheet. 

Below is the complete list of platforms that you can board to using our NMI boarding integration for Fiserv and Worldpay. 


  • First Data Canada
  • First Data Caribbean V2
  • First Data Compass
  • First Data Nashville
  • First Data Nashville North
  • First Data Nashville North v2
  • First Data Omaha
  • First Data Rapid Connect Cardnet North – EMV
  • First Data Rapid Connect Nashville – EMV
  • First Data Rapid Connect Nashville North – EMV
  • First Data Rapid Connect Cardnet Omaha – EMV


  • Worldpay
  • Worldpay Host Capture – EMV
  • Vantiv Core Host Capture – EMV
  • Vantiv Now Worldpay Core – Terminal Capture
  • Vantiv Now Worldpay eCommerce – Host Capture (Litle & Co.)
  • Vantiv Now Worldpay eCommerce – Terminal Capture (Litle & Co.)


You will find the new options when you get to the second step of the NMI – Create Gateway Account ticket in the Card Processor dropdown of the Merchant Processing Information section. 

NMI Boarding Processor Dropdown


Once you’ve selected which platform to use, the fields will dynamically update to reflect the relevant data that is accepted by the selected platform, including required fields. The fields will automatically be filled by IRIS CRM if the data is available in the linked merchant record. 

We hope the additional processor connections allow you to board merchants to NMI even more efficiently and accurately than before. If you’re an existing client and have any questions about the NMI boarding integration, please contact our Support Team


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