NMI Integration with IRIS CRM for Gateway Onboarding

NMI Integration with IRIS CRM for Gateway Onboarding

IRIS CRM, the payments industry’s leading CRM, is known for its constant development and innovative feature additions. The IRIS team has answered the call of ISOs once again by adding an NMI integration that seamlessly connects the CRM’s ticketing system to NMI’s merchant onboarding system. 

With the new NMI integration, IRIS CRM ISOs can now resell gateway services to merchants and onboard their new accounts in as little as a minute using the data already stored in the merchant’s account. With IRIS CRM’s NMI integration, onboarding merchants to NMI gateway services is faster, easier, and more accurate, opening up a new, friction-free stream of revenue and increasing the lifetime value of each merchant. 

What is NMI?

NMI is a payments company that provides merchants with services they need to accept credit and debit cards in ecommerce environments. While NMI offers comprehensive one-stop ecommerce solutions, the company is best known for its payment gateway systems. 

Payment gateways are the software that connects a merchant’s ecommerce shopping cart with their payment processor’s infrastructure. When a customer makes a purchase and types their payment information into the checkout, the submit button activates the payment gateway, which encrypts the sensitive information and sends it off to the processor to begin the approval process. The approved (or declined) transaction then flows back through the payment gateway to alert the merchant and the customer that the transaction is complete. 

NMI has been a leader in payment gateways for two decades. Its current gateway products integrate with over 125 ecommerce shopping carts, making it a highly versatile solution and a merchant favorite. 


How Does IRIS CRM’s NMI Integration Help ISOs?

IRIS CRM’s NMI integration allows ISOs to partner with one of the industry’s top gateway providers and to resell NMI’s gateway software and value-added services directly through the CRM. 

Gateway software is a mission-critical component of all ecommerce businesses, and every merchant needs some type of gateway to do business. In many cases, merchants go directly to third-party providers like NMI, Authorize.Net, or USAePay to get their gateways and depend on their ISO only for payment processing services. But that arrangement has two significant negative outcomes. First, it makes the merchant’s life more complex by forcing them to work with multiple vendors and manage multiple accounts and bills. Second, it leaves money on the table that could be going to the ISO.

Today, many forward-thinking ISOs have started partnering with third-party service providers in order to offer value-added services like payment gateways directly to their merchants. The gateway providers like NMI gain a partner and a new acquisition channel, and the ISO gains a new monthly revenue stream, making reseller partnerships a win-win situation. IRIS CRM’s NMI integration enables ISOs to engage NMI in such a relationship, buying NMI’s services at wholesale rates and reselling them at a markup, all without ever having to leave the comfort of the CRM. 

Whereas, traditionally, new merchants buying NMI gateway services would have to be boarded to the NMI system through a separate portal, with their information being entered line by line — effectively doubling the merchant onboarding process — with IRIS CRM’s NMI integration, the entire process can be handled using the data already stored in the CRM and completed in a matter of minutes. 

IRIS CRM’s NMI integration also allows ISOs to further boost revenues by reselling NMI’s long-list of value-added upgrades, including:

  • NMI Customer Vault
  • NMI Enhanced Level III Data
  • NMI Invoicing
  • NMI iSpyFraud
  • NMI QuickBooks SyncPay
  • NMI Mobile Payments
  • NMI Payer Authentication

IRIS CRM’s NMI integration can be set up in seconds and works right out of the box with some of the industry’s premier payment processors, including Chase Paymentech Tampa, Elavon, First Data Nashville, First Data Omaha, TSYS, and Worldpay. 


How IRIS CRM’s NMI Integration Works

Boarding merchants to new gateway services through IRIS CRM’s NMI integration is a fast, easy process performed using IRIS CRM’s built-in helpdesk. Agents or boarding staff need only create a new NMI boarding ticket, and from there, the entire process can be completed in as little as a minute through three simple steps. 

Step One – Information Verification: IRIS CRM automatically pulls all of the relevant data from the merchant’s record in the CRM and auto-fills the fields for gateway boarding. All the agent has to do is look over the information to ensure accuracy and move on to the next step. 

Step Two – Processing Information: The system will provide the agent with all of the processing options for the new merchant, including their gateway package, any value-added services they’ve selected, and their rates. Agents can select from pre-configured plans or set the information for each field as needed. 

Step Three – Account Creation: Once all the fields have been completed and the application is ready, pressing the submit button sends everything to NMI, and the merchant’s new gateway services account is automatically established. 

With IRIS CRM’s NMI integration, it’s that easy. Three simple steps and a minute or two to unlock a new revenue source that can theoretically be sold to each and every merchant in an ISO’s portfolio.


IRIS CRM’s NMI integration has the power to boost monthly revenues, increase the lifetime value of each of an ISO’s merchants, and increase the overall value of an ISO’s portfolio.To find out more about the NMI integration and how reselling NMI gateway products through your CRM can boost your ISO’s revenues without boosting your workload, schedule a free guided demonstration of IRIS CRM today.

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