Your Merchant Services CRM Updates: Copy & Paste Images Into Notes

Your Merchant Services CRM Updates: Copy & Paste Images Into Notes

Sharing images with your team members in your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just gotten super easy! We have introduced the ability to copy and paste images right in the lead note field.

Take screenshots of your scribbles, instructions, questions or anything else that you wish to share and post the images in your notes without having to browse for files to upload!

The Notes tab itself has not undergone any changes, so you’ll continue to use it as you normally would:



When it is time to add a new image, just copy the image to your clipboard, place the cursor into the note field and paste away (Control+V or Command+V), and the image will appear:



Once the image preview is shown, you can change the image title and optionally select a label (or just leave the default label).

Repeat the process above for inserting an unlimited amount of images into a single note!

As usual, prior to posting the note you also have the ability to choose which users to alert of your new note via email:



The email alert sent out by the system will now also include your image thumbnail(s). Clicking on a thumbnail in the email will bring the user directly to the full image within IRIS.

After you’ve finished editing the note, click on the “Post” button and the new note will be added, while the pasted image will be saved on the lead from and shown below the note:



To preview the image, just click on it and it will show up on your screen in full size. If needed, you can also download the image file using the Download File link provided in the preview window:



The image you saved can also be found on the attachments tab — look for the title that you entered when you posted the image:



We hope you enjoy using the new feature! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.



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