Online Prospecting and Visitor Tracking with IRIS CRM

Online Prospecting and Visitor Tracking with IRIS CRM

Good lead management is all about using the data available to you to properly categorize leads and ensure each is either constantly moving forward towards a sale, being maintained long-term, or, in the case of unqualified leads, moved aside so your team can focus on hotter prospects. 

Each additional piece of data you can collect on those leads has value, and if you’re already using a CRM to gather and store that data, you’re ahead of the curve, to begin with. But, what if you could begin collecting real-time data on a lead’s specific wants and needs concerning your products or services, before ever making direct contact?

How much time would that save you during the prospecting process, and how would it change your sales process delivery?

With IRIS CRM, that kind of advanced lead insight is a reality thanks to the platform’s built-in visitor tracking feature. With IRIS CRM’s visitor tracking, you can take your online prospecting efforts to the next level and begin gathering crucial data from the first moment a lead interacts with your site. Best of all, most of the process is automated and requires nothing of your team but to use the data they’ve gathered to improve their follow up interactions. It’s a simple, straightforward process, and the following three steps outline the rough idea. 


Step One: Acquire Targeted Leads

How you acquire your online leads is totally up to you, but no matter which avenue you choose, IRIS CRM is built to help. If you’re purchasing targeted leads from professional lead generators, you can import them into IRIS CRM easily, and each will be assigned a new account in the system automatically. 

If you’re using contextual advertising to target specific demographics online, you can use name and email capture fields directly on your landing page to automatically import lead data into the CRM. The second a prospective merchant fills out the information request or newsletter sign up form on your site, IRIS CRM will generate a new lead account and populate it with whatever information they’ve provided. 

With the fresh leads in your system, you’re ready to move on to step two. 


Step Two: Follow-Up and Get a Click

The next step in utilizing visitor tracking for online prospecting is to reach out and make contact with your freshly acquired leads. The key here is to deliver the prospects with targeted content that is not only useful enough to keep them interested but also intriguing and trustworthy enough to get them to click through to your website using one of your custom tracking links. 

With visitor tracking enabled in the CRM, any link you send out to a lead will automatically be converted into a custom tracking link that will:

  • Provide instant notification when the customer engages with the message. 
  • Connect the customer’s interactions with your website to the CRM in real-time. 
  • Log those web interactions to the customer’s account automatically. 

How you send that link is up to you. A series of follow-up emails is always a popular choice, but if the merchant has provided a cell phone number and requested SMS communications, you can also send tracking links via text.

Once the prospect merchant clicks the link, the data will begin flowing, and that’s where the real magic of IRIS CRM’s visitor tracking feature comes into play. 


Step Three: Use IRIS CRM’s Visitor Tracking to Gain Insight

The key to better prospecting and a more efficient sales process is the extent to which you qualify your leads, and there is no better tool for lead qualification and insight than IRIS CRM’s visitor tracking feature. 

Once a lead has clicked through to your website, each new link they click and each new page they visit will result in a pop-up notification in the CRM visible to any associated agents, and will also be automatically logged in the notes are of the lead’s account. 

That means your team will have real-time insight into which areas of your website a given lead is visiting the most often and spending the most time on, and, in turn, insight into what their needs are – all before ever having a one-on-one conversation. 

That depth of insight not only enables your agents to qualify and categorize fresh leads more accurately early in the process, it also means that once the active recruitment phase starts, but your agents will also be able to come to the table already primed with a basic level of knowledge about the prospect’s needs. The result is less time spent exploring those needs and more time spent on actually meeting them. It also helps your team deliver an extremely favorable first impression – an invaluable part of getting a new merchant to sign on the dotted line. 


Real-time visitor tracking is a game-changing tool that will significantly enhance your lead management and provide your agents with the data they need to deliver a better sales process and offer more targeted solutions. If you’re ready to see IRIS CRM’s visitor tracking feature in action or to start putting it to use at your ISO, schedule a free guided demonstration of the system. 

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