Our New Year’s CRM Adoption Tips

CRM Adoption Tips

The New Year is a great time to get employees focused on new ways to rev up sales. Check out some of our easy CRM Adoption Tips.

If your company has a customer relationship management (CRM) system as an ongoing resource, it includes many tools for your sales team.

We love these tips to help your company get started in the New Year maximizing the strategic use of this important business system.


#1. Think Prediction, Look for Trends

With sales data in your CRM system, it’s easy to match up lists of customers with different marketing campaigns. For example, it’s easy to predict which customers might fit a special offer for sunglasses if they have purchased them in the past.

#2. Think Customer Service

There is probably someone on your sales team who is a wizard at pulling reports. Ask this person to search for a list of customers who need personal phone calls or site visits to resolve recent service issues.

#3 Think Brainstorming for Strategic CRM Usage

Have your sales manager take time to meet with employees on the sales team. Sales managers aren’t the only employees who can think strategically about the best use of your CRM system. Sales and marketing staff members use the system every day. A sales manager can pick the brains of employees about the different reports and features of the CRM system and match them to new initiatives.

Investing in a CRM system is just the first step towards increasing sales to existing customers and the people they know. We also have ideas that can help your company maximize your ROI on the CRM solution you have purchased. If you need more CRM adoption tips, please contact us today.

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