Payment Processing CRM

Payment Processing CRM

If there’s one thing our team knows, it’s payment processing CRMs.

But long before we developed a tool for those in the industry, our founder, Dimitri Akhrin, experienced all that was wrong with it. He was managing and running an ISO, struggling to find business management tools specific to his needs.

No single web application existed to help in managing the entire life cycle of a merchant. Until that is, he decided to build one.

As an acronym, IRIS stands for “Integrated Reporting is Simple”. It rests on the notion that those in payment processing services shouldn’t have to rely on multiple platforms to get the job done. Their data shouldn’t have to be scattered and teams siloed when up against, literally, hundreds of competitors.

IRIS CRM was created for payment processing companies by those who have walked in their shoes, with relevant features that speak for themselves.

Track Leads

Keeping up with the competition in payment processing means harnessing a sales team that’s both fast and efficient. But in order for agents to optimize their tactics, they need the right tools in hand that allow them to focus on moving a lead further down the funnel.

Sales tools offered through IRIS CRM make it possible for payment processing teams to automate administrative tasks like appointment setting, proposal generation, and reporting. With visitor tracking functionality, it’s also easy to see what prospects are clicking on in real-time and better personalize communications.

Calculate Residuals

Residual income reporting is a benefit and major piece of the company growth puzzle for payment processing companies. And thanks to IRIS CRM, it’s anything but time-consuming.

With residual income calculation features, reports can be pulled in minutes detailing an overview of income earned at both a portfolio and merchant level. These residuals can be managed from any payment processor and paid out to agents through ACH.

Work With Multiple Payment Processing Networks

When choosing a payment processing CRM, you want to invest in a tool that not only functions well on its own but also plays well with others. In other words, integrations are key.

With well over 35 strategic partnerships, IRIS CRM makes it easy for those in the industry to serve merchants of all shapes, sizes, and needs. And we’re adding new ones all the time — like our recent Zapier integration that makes it easy for you to automate all sorts of inter-related tasks across platforms.

Keep Merchants Happy

When your team is functioning to the best of its ability, your merchants receive the service they deserve. This starts with onboarding, something your back-office operations team will master with the help of IRIS CRM’s TurboApp dashboard.

And it continues with quality customer support. Merchant trackers, help desk, and white labeled portals make it easier for teams to monitor ongoing activity. They can stay on top of incoming requests and more proactively reach out at the first sign of any potential issue before it arises.

Put the right payment processing CRM to work for your business. Contact the IRIS team today for a free demo!

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