Payment Processing CRM With Integrated Phone System Auto Dialer

Sales Integrated Phone System Auto Dialer

One of the main goals of customer resource management is reducing wasted time and effort. While many CRMs do a good job of bringing together customer management tasks into a single platform, IRIS CRM, the industry leader in payment processor CRM technology, takes it a step further by including a fully-featured power dialer as well, creating a fully integrated CRM and phone system, and the ultimate payment processing dialer.  


Benefits of an Integrated Phone System

The benefits of consolidating in-office systems are well known, and the time management and efficiency advantages that a power dialer/customer resource management combo offers are myriad. The primary benefit is that an integrated phone system puts the full power of your customer resource management tools at your team’s fingers while they’re on their calls. There is no juggling of telephone and computer, and no jumping back and forth between platforms or programs. Your staff can pull up all relevant data right from the same piece of software they’re using to make their calls. The result is smoother workflows, fewer errors, and, most importantly, better service for the recipient on the other end of the call. It also means your staff can handle billing and payments via credit card and ACH through the CRM right over the phone. Providing that convenient payment option to your customers helps your staff collect payment quicker and keeps the time and resources spent on accounts receivable to a minimum. 


IRIS CRM Power Dialer Features

IRIS CRM’s industry-leading power dialer is packed full of useful calling features designed to make your team’s outgoing calling more efficient and more productive. Your staff can easily move back and forth between the CRM’s calling suite and the customer management areas, facilitating unparalleled data access and transfer. 

Call Queues and Autodialing

IRIS CRM’s power dialer not only enables your team to launch calls from customer accounts with a single click, but it also allows them to build customized calling lists and launch calls automatically, completely hands-free. That represents maximum efficiency in the dialing process and makes it possible for your agents to get through their call sheets faster than ever before. Call queues can be set up and rearranged quickly and easily, and priority calls can easily be set to ensure the highest value prospects are given initial focus. The queue can also be set to automatically move on to the next call in the case of a non-answer. 

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail drop provides your team with the ability to leave a prerecorded voicemail with a single click, allowing them to move on to the next call without wasting time leaving manual messages. Utilizing prerecorded messages also ensures that the voicemail your customers receive is on script and error-free every single time. Voicemail drop combined with call queuing makes IRIS CRM the most efficient way for your team to manage their daily calls. 

Local Presence

The best calling script in the world is wasted if you don’t have a strong answer rate. That’s where IRIS CRM’s Local Presence feature comes in. When a recipient gets your call, a huge part of the decision to answer is how comfortable they are with the number they see. As a result, out of the area or out of state numbers can have a highly detrimental impact on answer rates. Local Presence routes all of your outgoing calls through the local number of your choice so that out-of-area customers and prospects will see a familiar area code whenever you call. The result is: answer rates up to 400% higher than non-Local Presence calling.

Reporting and Training

IRIS CRM’s calling suite offers advanced reporting, providing management with useable business intelligence on things like call volume, answer rates, time-on-call, conversions, and more. The suite also enables call recordings and listen-in functionality, allowing management to monitor calls for quality and regulatory compliance, and to use recordings of good and bad call examples for training purposes. 

Additional calling features include IVR call routing, call waiting and missed call, customizable hold messages, and much more. To find out more about IRIS CRM can revolutionize your calling while simultaneously streamlining all of your customer-oriented business processes, contact us now to arrange a free demo. 

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