IRIS CRM Payment Processor Integrations

IRIS CRM’s Processor Integrations Supercharge Reporting, Onboarding, and More

IRIS CRM Payment Processor Integrations

IRIS CRM integrates seamlessly with most of the industry’s top payment processors, centralizing reporting and onboarding to your most important processing partners. Having everything in one, central location saves you time, makes your job easier, and puts the key processes and information you need to run and grow your ISO at your fingertips.

Our integrations with leading processors enable comprehensive and accessible portfolio analytics, automatic monthly residuals and agent payouts calculation, and a boarding process reduced to a matter of minutes thanks to IRIS CRM’s proprietary TurboApp boarding tool.

With IRIS CRM’s payment processor integrations, you will never again have to scour dozens of reports for key data or spend half an hour or more on a new merchant application. The value of the time saved by eliminating that unnecessary friction cannot be overstated.

Processor Integration Benefits Overview

Processor Integration Benefits Overview
  • Integrate 11+ top payment processors into a single point of control.
  • Cut onboarding time from 30 minutes to five or less, even for new users.
  • Reduce the potential for costly human error in the boarding process.
  • Seamlessly centralize and combine reports from all integrated processors.
  • Automatically calculate monthly residuals and agent splits instantly.
  • Pay agents immediately from within IRIS CRM via the ACH network.

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Why Your ISO CRM Needs Payment Processor Integrations

Your payment processing partners play a huge part in your ISO’s long-term success. You are selling their payment processing services and using their boarding and reporting technology stack. They make the underwriting decisions that determine whether your merchants are accepted, and set the rates.
Processors play such a huge role in your business, which means it is crucial that you partner with as many of the top players in the industry as possible. The fewer payment processing partners, the fewer options you have when it comes to placing your merchants with the right merchant accounts and getting the best rates to help boost your own revenues. Fewer partners also limit your options when an application comes back denied, potentially costing you long-term business. As a result, the majority of highly successful ISOs partner with half of a dozen or more processors.

Unfortunately, each of those processing partners has a unique system for boarding and reporting – systems that are not designed to work together. With each additional processing partner your ISO takes on, you end up with a new set of boarding criteria, a new boarding portal, and a new set of report formats to read through.

With each additional processing partner your ISO takes on, you end up with:

  • A new boarding portal your staff needs to learn to use
  • A unique set of fields and submission requirements for new applications
  • The potentially costly need to build an additional custom tool to communicate with the processor portal
  • A unique account report that presents critical information in different locations and formats from your other reports
  • An additional report to scour through for residuals data each month when calculating payouts

In short, a wide pool of processing partners is necessary, but it’s not efficient.

That is where IRIS CRM comes in.

IRIS CRM’s built-in payment processor integrations reduce or eliminate the inefficiency caused by incompatible processor systems, by letting the CRM handle all of the data wrangling for you. Instead of combing through a pile of discrete processor reports to find the information you need, IRIS CRM pulls them all into one place and puts everything you need a click or two away. Rather than creating half a dozen different boarding tools or manually struggling with processor portals, IRIS CRM connects you to them all from one easy-to-use tool.

IRIS CRM’s payment processor integrations save you time, eliminate major headaches, and allow you to focus on revenue-generating activities and growth rather than the busywork of juggling poorly designed processor systems.

IRIS CRM’s payment processor integrations:

  • Save you a significant amount of time
  • Eliminate major headaches associated with some of your most mission-critical tasks
  • Allow you to focus on revenue-generating activities and growth rather than the busywork of juggling poorly designed processor systems.

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Benefits of IRIS CRM’s Processor Integrations

IRIS CRM’s payment processor integrations offer significant benefits to your ISO in three primary areas:
boarding, reporting, and residuals calculation and payout. These represent three of the most important tasks
your ISO handles as part of regular operations, making the processor-linked tools in IRIS CRM major sources of

Board New Merchants in Minutes

Board New Merchants in Minutes

IRIS CRM increases the speed of merchant onboarding by 500% or more and eliminates the costly mistakes that can result in denials and repeated work. The TurboApp automated boarding tool integrates seamlessly with seven of the industry’s top payment processors and reduces boarding time from 30 minutes to as little as five – even for completely inexperienced users.

Traditional merchant onboarding is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Each processor has its own unique boarding portal, so your team is forced to constantly adjust to different fields, criteria, and processes each time they board a merchant. Not only does that make boarding slow, it also greatly increases the chances of mistakes being made while data is being transferred from application to portal.

IRIS CRM has developed TurboApp in direct partnership with seven top payment processors, who have each certified it for integration with their boarding portals. With TurboApp, you can completely centralize your boarding for all merchants with:

  • Fiserv AccessOne Omaha
  • Fiserv AccessOne North
  • TSYS Express & PPM
  • Paysafe iAccess
  • Priority Payments VIMAS
  • Worldpay MAG

Your ISO will never again have to worry about building or maintaining boarding tools for any of these top processors, and your team can learn one system instead of seven!

Centralize Your Reporting

Centralize Your Reporting

One of the biggest frustrations ISO managers deal with is trying to find, combine, and understand the data from their various processing partner reports. If all processors used the same format or even something close it would not be so difficult, but that is not the case. Instead, you end up poring through pages of reports trying to find specific pieces of useful information. When you finally find it, you have to repeat the whole process with another report and another in order to bring everything together to paint a useful picture of your ISO as a whole.

IRIS CRM’s processor integrations make struggling with reporting a thing of the past. Rather than view even a single individual processor report, you can simply load them into the CRM and let the system compile all of the relevant data for you. Instead of half a dozen or more disparate formats, IRIS CRM presents the key data from each processor – together or separately – in one simple, user-friendly reporting dashboard.

IRIS CRM’s integrated reporting dashboard enables you to:

  • Gain a complete view of your entire portfolio in one place
  • Track key sales, merchant health, and agent activity metrics across multiple processors
  • Reclaim the time wasted combing through pages of reports looking for specific information
  • Generate the high-quality business intelligence needed to make better decisions
  • Access the information you want while hiding all of the information you do not need

With integrated processor reporting, you can access metrics from a portfolio-wide view right down to the merchant-level perspective. “The Scoop” provides at-a-glance information on your portfolio performance, agent performance, and overall PCI compliance. When you are ready to drill down deeper, you can use the fully configurable reporting dashboard to access information on profitability, merchant performance, disputes, and everything else you could possibly need to know. The system is designed to make it easy to see exactly what you need while hiding everything you do not, so you will never need to worry about searching through irrelevant information to find the key data you want.

Calculate Residuals Instantly

Calculate Residuals Instantly

The 20th of each month is always an exciting day in the payments industry. It can also be a day of frustration for ISO managers, as it marks the start of the complex and time-consuming process of gathering all the month’s residuals reports, compiling all the numbers, and then working out how much is owed to each agent based on their differing splits account.

IRIS CRM’s processor integrations take all of the manual work out of monthly residual calculations and present you with pinpoint accurate payout numbers as soon as your residuals are released and in the system. As with all reporting, the system automatically collects and centralizes the data from each of your distinct residuals reports. The splits on each account are programmed into IRIS CRM at the time of boarding, so payouts are calculated automatically. All you have to do is reference the displayed splits and you can begin paying out your agents right away – another thing IRIS CRM streamlines through its built-in ACH payments.

Automatic residual calculations and faster agent payouts mean:

  • Elimination of a significant amount of headache and wasted time each month
  • No more costly calculation mistakes due to human error
  • A more accurate picture of your ISO’s earnings and financial health
  • Happier, more loyal independent agents
  • Easier recruiting and retention of top agent talent

The automatic residuals calculations provided by IRIS CRM’s processor integrations save you an enormous amount of time and hassle. They also help you minimize agent attrition and recruit top talent by ensuring you can pay your agents out with total precision faster than any of your competitors.

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IRIS CRM’s Processors Integrations

To ensure your ISO gets the most out of your customer resource management platform, IRIS CRM integrates with most of the industry’s top payment processors – the ones most core to your operations and most important to your success.

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