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Phantom Rules Are Holding You Back

The Mission Newsletter, 11/20/18

“I am certain there is too much certainty in the world.” -Michael Crichton

Hot of the Press…

Why phantom rules hold you back (and what to do about it)

“This story illustrates what I call phantom rules. These are rules that you can’t see. They’re habits and behaviors that have unnecessarily rigidified into dogma. They’re unlike written rules, which are visible.”

Why Bookstores Still Matter

“It’s not a coincidence that Amazon, who turned the book publishing industry upside down, has now started opening retail stores. As much we love getting packages in the mail, it’s hard to recreate the experience of wandering the aisles of a store. Websites are optimized for searching not browsing.”

The Feeling of Achievement — 10 Ways Celebrating Success Improves Your Life

“Many people are so immersed on their journey toward stardom and greatness that they’re losing the small battles along the way. Day-by-day and inch-by-inch, they’re losing encouragement and hope. The road to success for most people is a long one. Forget what our media and instant-gratification society try shovel-feeding you — you won’t become a star overnight.”

Why You Need To Be Writing In Your Books

The Mission Daily, Episode 151

Chad and Stephanie answer a listener’s question on reading, talk about why you should be marking up your books, and how Chad remembers quotes.

Listen to Episode 151!

News That Matters:

Air quality in the Bay Area is as bad for your health as 11 cigarettes per day

Facebook investors are fed up with Zuckerberg.

Michael Crichton discusses the future.

NASA says cities will need flying cars as soon as 2020.

Apple is getting into the original movie business.

Why is college so expensive?

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