Processor Boarding Integration Refresher

residual income calculation

IRIS CRM can streamline boarding for multiple processors including:

  • First Data
  • Vantiv
  • Priority (TSYS/Cynergy platform)
  • Pivotal (TSYS USA platform)
  • iPayment


An ISO with these relationships can submit a merchant to any of these processors from their IRIS site.  No need to log into the different processor tools and re-key everything they have already collected.

IRIS CRM bridges the gap between the sales team and the boarding team.

By using our Adobe Sign eSignature integration new merchant information imports to the lead record, resulting in an accurate and complete record.

Now that the sales cycle is complete the boarding team can simply click “Board Merchant” on the lead record.  At that point, all the merchant information transfers to TurboApp, our boarding tool.

From there the ISO can easily review and submit the merchant for underwriting to the appropriate processor.

The ISO will be notified about underwriting status.

The correct sales reps are automatically linked to the merchant for residual income calculation.


ISOs using TurboApp can expect:

  • More Approvals every month
  • Reduction or elimination of boarding errors
  • A happier and more easily trained operations team


The IRIS CRM site is designed so a merchant can move seamlessly through sales, boarding, support, and residual income calculation, resulting in extremely satisfied merchants and employees.

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