New Enhancement: Show Effective Rates In Proposals

New Enhancement: Show Effective Rates In Proposals


The IRIS CRM Proposal Generator just got an important addition — the ability to Show Effective Rates In Proposals! The effective rates enable both the merchant and the sales agent to understand the language together as not everyone is savvy with processing pricing terms.


With this new enhancement, the sales agents can now communicate savings to merchants more effectively. The Proposal Generator does all the heavy lifting for you by creating a proposal that’s based on your own document template and then inserting the various fees and rates into the proposal automatically.


Based on these fees, the Proposal Generator now automatically calculates the merchant’s current effective rate and the new proposed effective rate. By looking at the difference between the current and proposed effective rates, the decision to go along with the smaller rate should be a no-brainer for the merchant — and another sale closed for you!


Effective Rates Preview


While you are building your proposal for the merchant in the Proposal Generator, the proposal preview pane will automatically show the calculated savings including the effective and proposed rates:



For more information on using the Proposal Generator please see our Knowledge Base article on Creating Merchant Pricing Comparisons in the Proposal Generator.


Effective Rate Placeholders


If you would like to update your Proposal Generator templates and display the effective rates in your proposals, all you need to do is to place the new effective rate placeholders in the appropriate locations in your template.


Here is the placeholder you can use for the merchant’s current effective rate in your template: %%current_effective_rate%%

And here is the proposed effective rate placeholder: %%proposed_effective_rate%%


To illustrate how you would use the new placeholders in your template, here as an example of a Summary table which is typically placed at the end of a proposal:



When the proposal is generated, the placeholders are replaced with real values that you entered while creating the proposal in the Proposal Generator:



For more information on working with the Proposal Generator templates, please see our Manage Proposal Generator Templates article.



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