Put on Your Creative Cap!

The Mission Newsletter, 11/2/18

“Every human has four endowments — self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.” -Stephen Covey

Get the Creative Juices Flowing with These Reads…

How to Take Your Creativity to New Levels

“When confronted with a creative thinking situation — and when processing the relevant information available — the mind wants to conform the data to a set of traditional patterns. AKA it is wired to look for the easy path through the data.

This is a limitation.

Dr. de Bono argues that by using lateral thinking — meaning forcing our brains to look for additional solutions for the creative problem — we force our brains to look at new patterns.

And thus open our minds to new areas of creativity.”

The Second Principle of Accelerated Learning: Creativity

“Creativity is:

‘The use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.’

There are a lot of misconceptions about creativity. It is commonly believed that creativity is an innate feature of who you are. That it can’t be cultivated or strengthened. That you are either creative… or you aren’t.

Like with anything, creativity can be developed and sculpted, and in this episode, we teach you exactly how.”

How You Can Use Pixar’s Creative Process to Supercharge Your Success

“You need lots of ideas to come up with good ideas, so involve as many people as possible when you’re working on a project. Find inspiration from anywhere — the least likely people will often bring the most brilliant stimulation.”

Advanced Analytics, Logistics, and Instigating Change

Episode 22 of IT Visionaries

Juan Perez is the Chief Information and Engineering Officer of UPS. Juan has been a driving force in UPS’s evolution into advanced analytics. In this conversation, he shares how UPS is optimizing delivery routes to improve service and efficiencies. Juan also shares lessons he’s learned while working with a logistics-heavy company and how to instigate change in large businesses.

Listen to Episode 22 of IT Visionaries.

News That Matters:

Here’s the real trick to decision making: don’t overthink.

It’s not Jekyll vs Hyde, it’s rational vs intelligent. Read: The Difference Between Rationality and Intelligence

According to research at Aarhus University, the sixth mass extinction is underway.

The AI wave is about to hit, and these are the companies set to make the most cash.

Speaking of AI… What If AI Can Make Us More Human In The Age Of Robotic Automation?

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