How To Read About Payment Industry Trends and End Up in Vegas!

payment industry trends


A Big Opportunity!

Are you up for a four-day trip to Las Vegas to meet more than 10k people in your industry?

Do you think you might make a few contacts out of 10k people?

Not to mention learning a few cutting-edge things about payment industry trends from over 1K CEOs from 3K companies

All this and more is what Money 20/20, the preeminent FinTech and payments conference is promising this year.

From October 23rd to 26th professionals will be sharing valuable information about the industry.

Therefore, if you are not yet registered, make a quick trip over to Money 20/20 and sign up.

A Few Stats…

This conference is expecting 53% of startups and small companies to attend. They reportedly expect 47% large to medium size companies, 45% payments and financial services, 40% mobile, retail, integrated commerce and Marketing services, and 15% investment analysts, media, government, consulting, and other services companies and attendees.

In addition, Bloomberg and CNBC will televise the conference, and Business Insider and Forbes will report on the happenings.

Some of the Topics of Interest

The significant confluence of payment industry trends topics will include presentations on cyber security, organized crime, and biometrics; identity solutions, blockchain, and financial inclusion in emerging markets.

Uncle Sam to Talk About FinTech!

Government influence almost always includes regulation, and this is no exception. The congressional digerati are expected to discuss ways in which “developing technology and public policy can work together on such topics as privacy, data protection, mobile technology, online small business lending, the convergence of traditional and new players, and helping the under-served.”

The Backstory…

Earlier this month, Electronics Transactions Association (ETC) hosted a large group of payments and technology executives to a Fly In meeting with policymakers on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Furthermore, those in attendance engaged in direct discussion about probable contingencies to “advance a regulatory environment which supports innovation–and yet sort out any unintended consequences of new regulation or legislation that may stifle innovations fueling economic growth.”

“Congressman Patrick McHenry, the Chief Deputy Whip of the House, announced new legislation designed to boost Fintech innovation.

“The Financial Services Innovation Act of 2016, is part of the broader Innovation Initiative created by McHenry and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.  HR 6188, will set up a regulatory framework that helps FinTech firms gain the access and flexibility they need to innovate.”

Destiny is calling ISOs to jump on this opportunity and invest in your career.

The payments industry is “realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend, and borrow money.” We have to be on top of our game, and sometimes that requires an investment in ourselves.

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