Redefining Mobile ISO Management with the IRIS CRM Mobile App

IRIS CRM Mobile App

Independent sales organizations have long looked to IRIS CRM as the ideal tool to help them reclaim time, work smarter rather than harder, and improve sales processes and operations on an organization-wide basis. But one additional feature our loyal customers have often asked for is the ability to seamlessly manage and operate their CRM system from outside the office. We always listen to our customers, which is why we’re pleased to now offer the IRIS CRM mobile app. The new app is available for all Android and iOS devices and takes the power of customer resource management to the next level by putting control in your hands – literally – from anywhere, you can get a signal. 


Connect to Your IRIS CRM Database from Anywhere, at Anytime

Once you’ve downloaded the IRIS CRM mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you’ll be able to log in right away with your standard credentials and immediately begin accessing your CRM and the important customer data contained within. The app enables you to manage almost all aspects of your ISO on the fly, whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, working from home for the day, or out at a meeting with a partner or prospect. Everything you do on the app is automatically and securely synced back to your web-based IRIS CRM account, ensuring complete continuity of work and data. 


Create, Edit and Track Leads from Your Phone

With the IRIS CRM mobile app, you can create, edit, manage, and access leads from anywhere. No matter where you are, any new potential customer you encounter can be captured as a lead in a matter of a few taps. Global search makes it fast and easy to find any lead and existing merchant in your CRM, so you’ll never struggle to find lead information. Mobile access to complete lead data also enhances your agents’ ability to deliver an elevated sales process by ensuring they can always find the customer and prospect information they need even if they aren’t sitting at their desks.


Access Advanced Reporting When and Where You Need It

The app provides full access to the IRIS CRM reporting suite, meaning you can access complete business analytics on a number of areas of your ISO, including residuals. That means you can now calculate and manage your residuals and the residuals and payouts of your agents from anywhere. You can also access full reporting on each and every one of your merchants, their transactions, and their performance. With the IRIS CRM app, the data you need to make better business decisions is always just a tap or two away. 


Manage Your Helpdesk Tickets with Ease

The help desk dashboard built into the app enables you to create new help desk tickets and support requests right from your phone. You can also access and update existing tickets as necessary, ensuring continuity of support and easy access to the IRIS CRM team regardless of where your business may take you. 


Supercharge Your Smartphone with the IRIS CRM Power Dialer

Even though you’re using IRIS CRM on your phone, there’s no need to miss out on all the benefits of the platform’s industry-leading power dialer. You can access the power dialer and make calls right from the app, ensuring that even the sales call made on your cell will be fully tracked and accounted for within the system. That ensures there will never be gaps in your agents’ calling records, and no customer data need ever be missed out on due to calls made outside the CRM environment. 


The new IRIS CRM mobile app will truly revolutionize the way you apply customer resource management, making it possible for you to fully manage your CRM and all of the benefits it offers to your ISO at any time and from anywhere in the world. For more information on how the new app can enhance your workflows, improve your sales process, and streamline your operations, start your free trial today

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