Your Merchant Services CRM Updates: View Last Note & Improved Date Filter

Your Merchant Services CRM Updates: View Last Note & Improved Date Filter

You spoke and we listened! Your Merchant Services CRM dashboard tables now have the option to show the most recent user note in a new column!


To display the latest user notes, click on the settings icon in the top right corner of your reporting table and then select the “Last Note” option:



Tip: To get to the “Last Note” option faster, just start typing “Last Note” and the drop-down menu will automatically bring the option closer to the top.


Once selected, the “Last Note” column will be shown in your table. You can use Last Note to view the most recent user-entered note and also to sort the table in ascending or descending order (just like you would with other enabled columns):



To move the “Last Note” column into a different position within the table, just drag and drop the column header left or right into its new position (e.g. next to the “Last Note Date” column).


Viewing the Notes


By default, only the first few words of the user note will be shown in a table. To view the full content of a note, simply hover over the note with your mouse. The note will expand automatically, showing the entire content of the note:



The “Last Note” column will also show up in your report exports. For example, to export your report to an Excel file click on the Export drop-down menu and hit the XLS option:



In a few seconds, your Excel report will be created and downloaded to disk:



Date Filter Enhancement


Another request we’ve been hearing often was to expand on the Date filter options in the Lead Search filter. And that’s just what we did.


Previously, it was only possible to select a date range for the lead creation event. Now, you can also filter by other events, such as date of the last status change, date of the last task entered or date of the last user note entered:



After selecting the event you wish to filter by, select the date range for your report. To refine your search further, use the other available filters such as the Field filter, Campaigns, Lead Sources etc. When finished, hit the “Search button”:



Your search results will now show up just below the “Lead Search” filters:



Hope you enjoy using the new reporting enhancements! Things are never quiet at IRIS CRM so stay tuned for more updates!



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